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    well i have done the entire prophecies campaign, up to the command post quest in nightfall, and barely did anything in factions.

    it would be easier if i could find a collector in prophecies

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    A dead one (SF)

    Does it have to be a collector's shield? It would've been much faster just to buy one from another player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Age View Post
    The probem you are having as I said don't use any Monks kills like healing breeze.You want to be buffed with doylak signet watch yoursef before using you healing signet.It is best to pull a few at time with a bow not aggro them.

    I am not sure if you have Faction but you might be able to use the VWK build to steal life away from them.I don't think it is possible to solo the Underworld any more as a Warrior.They are want speed clear groups.

    This is soloing not H/Hing where he wants to make money.

    Thiis is an eg. of what your bar should be like but with no ripostes as I said be best to use an axe.I farmed these with no problems using a similar bar.

    This is VWK build I never got the chance to try this as I have it.

    could you post the skills in both those builds please? I'm having a very hard time telling which ones they are from the video still.

    nevermind lol did not notice they were videos themselves just thought they were screenshots. got thrown off at first wtih the german text

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\

    this is the build I'm trying out for minotaurs in elona reach hardmode.


    how do i post the skillbar with that code in the forums?
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    You can't as GWShack as gone down post the skill bar with the bb code.

    It isn't bad but I would remove endure pain,for great justice and healing breeze.I would use defy pain or gladiators defence,bonetti's defence and one other don't forget that stance cancels out another stance.The only Monk skill if any is strength of honour with zealous axe.
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