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    too many threads for this stuff, so I think I'll dump it here.

    from http://www.arena.net/blog/heron-prio...ting-the-asura

    I'm loving how the attack animation is over-done and off balance for the strikes. When he clobbers the Charr on the head he throws everything into it which would throw a normal human off balance and be a stupid thing to do. But for an Asuran he must do so or he's got nothing on the stirke.

    Nice job A-net, I may never play one but I'll at least laugh as I splatter them!

    yay finally got a link to work!
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    too many threads for this stuff, so I think I'll dump it here.
    Agreed on that.

    I am finally done with reading all the stuff on the Asura and that is my resume:

    >> Still my least favorite race

    >> All that techno babble. It is fun for a short time (like a nerdy episode of The Big Bang Theory), but it gets highly annoying to me after a while
    >> Haughtiness & the superiority complex seem to overshadow every other aspect of the possible Asura personality. As much as I liked the Tyrion Lannister appearance of the Asura in the Jotun story, we all know it starts losing its charm if you have several characters acting the same way. The Asura from the two novels have not offered a big variety too.
    >> The Krew as a social structure is not as appealing to me as e.g. the idea of the Warband. A Charr would not try to humiliate his members of the warband, he would try to prove himself worthy of their admiration for bravery or even brutality. He (or a Norn too) longs for the feeling of other looking up to him (or away in fear). An Asura longs for the feeling of looking down on others, that's a big difference.
    >> too much sci-fi, too high magic. That's it, the control panels etc. you can see in the Rata Sum video look just like USS Enterprise panels with a pink glow. I would like to stick to the concept of high fantasy and it is a way too far from that which makes me feel uncomfortable with the design choice.
    >> The Colleges and the Inquest just sound too much like "mega corporations" and have no wow effect on me.

    The Asura might be exactly what other players are looking for, but they fascinate me not enough to create one.
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    I really like Rata Sum's new look. Wasn't too sure I'd like it from the brief look we got in GW2's first trailer, but the redesign might just have made it my favorite city so far. Getting a bit of a "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" vibe from it too, with the magic technology, floaty cubes, roots everywhere, golems (robots!) and the fact that the whole city is floating. Oh, and magic crystals.

    Makes me want to play an Asura just to get a home instance in that city.

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