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    necro advice wanted/builds/strategy/gold farming

    Some of you might have seen my threads on my monk and my warrior. I got very lucky with my W/Mo and in that spot of luck have defeated the profecies campaign. My Mo/Me is tied up because my friend that plays his W/Mo with my Mo/Me has started a new class.

    so after doing some things in other game campaigns and eotn with my warrior. I keep thinking on what i might want to do with a necro.

    So i basicaly took a necro soul reaping staff as a reward for something done with my warrior (trying not to spoil things lol)

    so my new necro is allready set up with a nice Green soul reaping staff.

    I'm looking for a secondary class combo that is very fun and flexable. so hopefully it can do anything from gold farming, to farming solo to get item drops etc.

    i have a level 4 necro in nightfall (i own all three games and eye of the north)
    so I'm wondering what my possiblilities are.

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    I enjoyed N/Rt and Rt/N, but that won't be available to you until a bit later. Once you do the "Hunted!" quest, which is fairly early outside the NF tutorial area, you can get your secondary changed.

    Until then, I guess monk would be good. I'm not current in farming builds (never was really), but I know some farming builds used to be N/Mo or vice-versa.
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    well I'm up to the quest "the hunted" how far am i off to the part where you can unlock secondary professions by paying 500 gold to unlock each? i mean im on the hunted quest, how and where do i go to unlock the other secondary professions?

    also ive been mainly playing as a minion master, but i have a hard time targeting my undead to cast death nova on them.

    anyone have any tips on quickly targeting undead to cast death nova on them?
    right now i have to set them all up with it before a fight and that takes up too much time.

    also how far am i off to some better necro skills?
    found the profession changer so now I'm going N/Rt
    thing is i have been wearing the first armor you craft in nightfall. i had about 8 platnum but was forced to spend all but 1 plat on feathers which sold for 360 gold per 10 cause i had none, need about 175 feathers, so i had to buy 180 :(. then had to buy 3 ink vials that sold for 360 gold each.

    so now i Need to find a way to make enough platnum to buy my 60 armor set at consolate docks.

    this is where i need advice on making money, I don't have any items that are worth enough money to warrent selling. so i might need to find a way to make the money i need. currently im sunspear commander and need to be general to keep the main quest going. so i might need to do runs on enemies i can find a sunspear bounty on.


    ugh tried going to factions areas but it puts me directly into quests that have level 20 enemies, and with my armor being at 15 for each peice i am getting stomped, and since im only level 17 me and my non eye of the north heroes are just getting splattered all over the place :|


    and on yet another note, since I'm now running Necro/Ritualist I'm not sure what kind of build would work. Right now I'm running a minion build, but they die way too fast and i have death magic at 12 and soul reaping at 12 with minor runes and hat. I try and cast death nova on them, but i have a hard time targeting them amongst the chaos of battle.

    and again with N/Rt what kind of builds would work great?

    also are there spoiler tags in this forum? because i have found none,
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    I would suggest Mesmer using Spitefull Spirit when you get it and let Olias do the MMing and stick to curses.

    Check post 87 out as it is mine http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forum...=498281&page=3

    Want to make money use your Warrior to go and farm for it search the Warrior forum for farming build use the search feature at the top or go here gwpvxwiki.com only use this for heros and farming not yourself.
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    Spiteful Spirit might be a tired old cliche, but it's still one of the most useful (pve) necro spells in the game...

    Particularly if you also bring reckless haste, insidious parasite, mark of pain and barbs.

    Tbh, I only pick a secondary class for whatever utility I need at the time. A pet, for no reason other than to bring a pet? Ranger. Need a reusable res? Monk, rit or paragon, and so on. Mostly I use only necro skills and maybe a pve skill or two.

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    i had also planned on my necro being a spirit spammer part of the time, maybe after i get bored with a spiteful spirit build..

    also what would be a good spirit spammer build for necro primary since soul reaping has such a high energy output in the midst of chaos?

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    Signet of Spirits, Painful Bond, and six other skills. Bash your hand against the keyboard twice and step away from the enemies. That's seriously about all there is to spirit pooping, aside from moving them out of AoE with Summon Spirits if you really feel the need, although the skill still recharges so ridiculously fast that you don't really need to.
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