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    Skills and gameplay vid

    I found a rather awsome gameplay video here:


    It shows all of the weapon skills and gameplay with pretty much every weapon combo you can imagine. This includes Mace/Mace Gameplay, Swpord/Sword Gameplay and Warhorn Gameplay which I have yet to see anywhere else.

    One of the things I have noticed from the previous versions of the demo is the greatsword animations look more polished now. Particularly Whirlwind Attack where they seem to have increased the number of spins making the attack look much better.

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    Warrior is looking better, still not comparable to GW1 Warrior though. It still seems a bit slower, but I still need to get used to the way GW2 will play. Still, lookin' good.
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    Wow, I've never seen this vid before. It's nice to see that some of the attacks are faster and GW2's Warrior seems much more mobile than in GW. Good news because I was planning to make Warrior my main.
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    Nice find on the video.

    Warrior looks more impressive here, probably because he’s being played by someone who seems more familiar with it. He is more polished and fluid.

    Of course I have to complain about something.
    The Great sword animation looks slower than the hammer, the warrior also looks more labored and like it takes more to use the great sword than the hammer and that it’s harder to hold. This is the opposite the hammer should be the most unruly weapon to wield. The warrior should not be laboring to use the great sword, while I can see a class like the Ranger being a little more awkward in using it. The hammer looks more fluid and as if the warrior is at ease when wielding it.

    Holding the blade: I guess they are trying to let you see what weapon you are carrying while moving around, thus they pick open iron door as the guard to use while moving. The old one was falconi with the blade more strait up, now it’s down and point behind you. I almost liked the old one better as it did make the warrior look like he was laboring less to use the blade. I would prefer to see the blade held in two hands (one hand on the ‘blade’ section) when running around like the hammer is. I think this grip works for a ranger but not the guardian or warrior. That said I think the Asuran should keep this animation and let the 'bigger' races use one that looks like they are in better control.

    I’m not digging the warrior who uses heavy armor spinning like a top. Other classes especially medium ones I can see it working, but not the heavy guys. The heavy class seems to me that it should feel like a solid object out there and you get this feeling with the dashing hits that look like the earth rattles when you land. The spinning top doesn’t feel right for me.

    All in all a great improvement!
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    The same guy has videos for other profs. I checked out the guardian, he also had thief and maybe elementalist.

    Guardian likewise looks fun to play, when played by someone who's not total newb anyways.

    I agree that clumsiness should be left out (except for asura) and attacks should look like the profession is at ease using the weapons. I'd hold that true for any profession though.

    I disagree that warriors should be more "solid" in their attacks, whirlwind is just fine.
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