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    Vanyel's Doing a Thingie

    Hello Blade and Rose Members and Alliance Friends!

    I would like to offer myself up to improve guild and alliance groupings in game. I have hesitated to offer to do this previously because as a night ICU nurse, I never have the same nights off from week to week, so I cannot pick a weekly standing day to lead groups.

    But I thought, what the heck? I can still do stuff weekly, even if the actual days have to change.

    So here goes. I will be looking to form a group this coming Tuesday, Sept. 27. I'll start at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time U.S. We'll do anything anyone would like, but if I have to choose, I'd like some company for Vanyel for the last two missions in EOtN. If anyone needs Elona, my monk is at Nundu Bay/Jennur's Horde.

    So lets get together. Anybody who wants to do this is welcome.


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    I'd love to, but 8 p.m. EDT is 1 in the morning my time, which could make it a little bit tricky. I'll see if I can be around, but I can't promise anything...

    Love the initiative though, thumbs up from me!

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    I suppose I'd like to get my Warrior through EotN sometime. Especially the Norn areas I distaste so much.

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    So this week, we didn't do very much, but I want to continue to get the word out there.

    Next week, we'll try to group on Monday, October 3.

    8 p.m. Eastern US time is best for me, so we'll stick with that.

    Please everyone let me know what you need to or want to do.

    Thanks Arcanum for being willing. I know its late for you, but I appreciate the thought.

    And HH, lets do eye of the north. It'll be fun.


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    It's actually my fault for missing it...I read Thursday instead of Tuesday...whoopsie, would've been there otherwise ~.~

    Sorry. Will be here Monday 3rd for sure!

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    Okay folks!

    This week Anthony Heartguard (Dark Seraphim) ended up doing some EoTN stuff to progress Vanyel toward finishing that expansion. He also helped wayward monk Yvette with a mission in Nightfall. This did happen well after the 8 p.m. (Eastern U.S) start time but we had alot of fun!

    Ultimately anyone in the Alliance is welcome to join the thingies. If we can get big enough groups going, we'll start doing some of the end-game areas (i.e: FoW, Underworld, DoA, etc).

    Next week the thingie will be on Tuesday, October 11. I'll post an announcement in the game soon to help those who do not use the forums.

    Feel free to post here if anyone needs/wants to do something specific.

    Happy Gaming!


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    Yay, I help!

    Great, Tuesday is my day off, so I'm sure we'll be able to get something going. I posted another thread elsewhere about maybe doing some endgame stuff. I know a few people in the alliance got to talking about it today while I was on. So here's hoping for a good time.

    See you all in game.

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    Aaaargh, why do I keep forgetting this ~.~

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    Because you're bad? Stop being bad and you'll remember. I think that's all it takes. So get to it!

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