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    (WINNERS) - Let's have a Halloween Contest!


    'tis the season for silly costumes, the consumption of yummy candy and apparently contests! Who would have guessed!

    The following extension is being given to have your entries in. The final date will be:
    End Date: Saturday, November 5th, 11:59PM PACIFIC TIME

    We are looking for Guild Wars Halloween related entries.

    Accepted Media:

    (e.g, post a drawing, painting, stamp design, cosplay costume, pottery, sculpture, etc.)
    (e.g., post a story, poem, amusing rant, haiku, limerick, etc.)
    (e.g., post an original song, a music video, etc.)

    Music and Video are to be uploaded to a hosting server (i.e., YouTube), and must be playable by clicking a link or an embed in the contest thread (no downloadable entries). Please set large pictures in spoiler tags. All entries must be submitted to this thread.

    NOTE: Prizes may/may not be updated to include more loot before winners are announced.

    Winners of either the Grand Prize, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place are not eligible to win from the category prize list.

    This Contest is open to all incgamer Guild Wars members. All entries will be judged by incgamers Guild Wars Staff.

    Winners will be announced and winner PM notifications given, November 11th.

    Prizes will not be given out until a firm established line of recipients is secured (i.e. if the 2nd prize is non-responsive, the 3rd prize on down will not be given out until the prizes are re-structured for a new line of recipients).

    A warm thank you to Veritas Invictus [TRUE] and Blood Of The Martyr [HOPE] for their Guild's help in furnishing prizes.


    Grand Prize
    (525) Platinum
    (1) Undedicated Mini Smite Crawler
    (1) Everlasting Crate Fireworks
    (25) Ecto
    (250) Trick-or-Treat Bags
    (1) GW2 Art Piece signed by: Martin Kerstein, Regina Buenaobra, Colin Johanson and Theo Nguyen


    First Prize
    (125) Platinum
    (1) Armbrace
    (20) Ecto
    (250) Trick-or-Treat Bags

    Second Prize
    (100) Platinum
    (1) Armbrace
    (15) Ecto
    (250) Trick-or-Treat Bags

    Third Prize
    (75) Platinum
    (1) Oppressor Spear
    (10) Zaishen Keys
    (10) Lockpicks
    (1) Stygian Gemstone
    (1) Ruby Djinn Polymock Piece
    (1) Non-dedicated Mini Freezie
    (1) Non-dedicated Mini Ooze
    (100) Crates of Fireworks
    (250) Trick-or-Treat Bags

    (6 winners in total)

    There are three categories: Art, Literature, Music/Video

    Category Winner
    (25) Platinum
    (1) Conset
    (1) Gold Zaishen Coin
    (10) Cottontail Tonics
    (35) Mysterious Tonics
    (100) Grentchie Tonics
    (20) Mysterious Summoning Stones
    (20) Merchant Stones
    (1) Perfect Salvage Kit
    (1) Non-dedicated White Mini
    (250) Trick-or-Treat Bags

    Runner Up

    (15) Platinum
    (1) Conset
    (3) Silver Zaishen Coin
    (10) Mysterious Summoning Stones
    (10) Merchant Stones
    (1) Green Weapon
    (10) Yuletide Tonics
    (10) Aged Dwarven Ales
    (250) Trick-or-Treat Bags
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    I wouldn't know to submit but those are nice prizes.

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    Updated: Now the referenced Halloween quests are links to the wiki walkthrough. So it's an entry AND a helpful Halloween guide!

    Twas a while before Halloween and all through the land
    Thousands were busy making their HoM grand.
    The prices of all related items still rise,
    now even my mini Devourer’s a prize!

    The wealthy buy stacks of that sweet Crème Brule,
    then zip all around like their shorts got flambéed.
    And Ammon with his longbow, and I with my sword,
    share a chuckle between us, but speak not a word.

    If eating those stacks made their characters fatter,
    I guarantee they’d continue till they were but a splatter.
    Gotta get all those titles, gotta spend all that cash,
    so that when GW2 comes we can show off our stash.

    What can tear us away from this obsession with bling?
    Ah, a Halloween festival hosted by the Mad King!
    Surely things will slow down some and drunkards will sober,
    For the Mad King’s appearance so late this October.

    “Mad King Thorn is returning to put all things right”,
    finally fun will rejoin us on this all hallows night.
    Remember Every Bit Helps when in a costume brawl,
    It’s An Ingenious Plan to bring fun to us all!

    This jolly old trickster will tell The Killing Joke!
    No seriously, you’d better laugh or he will kill some folk!
    He wants laughter aloud from his annual shtick,
    Or he’ll Open The Floodgates Of Death on you quick!

    Trick or Treat Bags will be overflowing that day!
    Heirlooms Of The Mad King that he just gives away!
    Soon the spirits of Halloween will finally break through,
    by Commandeering A Mortal Vessel… or two.

    We will march off to battle, our chest bursting with pride,
    “To the underworld!”, Stemming The Skeletal Tide.
    Returning beaten and bloodied, all our ectos in tow,
    “Can we rest now my guildies?” “No, it’s off to the show!”

    We will take a break from grinding across the land,
    and fill all the districts, the moment finally at hand.
    We will all stand united, Till Death Do Us Part!
    Yeah the Mad King he loves that, soon the killing will start!

    Bruce the Herald will end The Waiting Game.
    (Yes I do realize that that last one was lame)
    But “Don’t Fear The Reapers” King Thorn softly hums,
    "It’s all hallows eve, Something Wicked This Way Comes!"
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    IncGamers: Guild Wars 2 Member

    I wanted to make a video but since i would need the decorations wich only come on the 20s i dont know.. cant the final date be slightly increased by a couple of days?

    Also isnt the guy who wins supposed to be 1st, therefore the person who wins gets grandprize and first.. woot?
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    IncGamers: Guild Wars 2 Member

    Not many ppl posting.. hope the contest still going since i am making a video bit by bit :P

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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    I want to enter some art, if I can get around to actually drawing anything. Inspiration is rather lacking right now. :(
    Dea Draconis • Friendship is Magic • Dea Felidae

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    Jade Quarry

    Do decorative trinkets count? I am making some ATM for the Guru Workshop and hopefully in time for the official contest. I actually want to complete a Halloween drawing too, but real life commitments are not being helpful

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    Quote Originally Posted by satomz View Post
    Do decorative trinkets count? I am making some ATM for the Guru Workshop and hopefully in time for the official contest. I actually want to complete a Halloween drawing too, but real life commitments are not being helpful
    I would assume so based on what they listed, then again it wouldn't hurt to double-check with people running the contest in the first place.

    I'll be throwing my hat into this as well. Drawing and writing is are about my only talents, but most likely I'll be typing up a story for this... drawing has been a little on the... sparse side for me, even if that means I have to go up against Bilbo and his wonderful little rhyming yarn. I'm guessing we just post our entries on here too?

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    The Order of Dii [Dii], Do Not Revive Asura [Ever], When Zergs Collide [CERN]

    Anything is fair game pretty much; I think most if not all possible entries one could come up with will fall under one of the listed media categories accepted. If you have any questions though, PM a Mod .

    All entries should be posted within the thread, :)!

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    IncGamers: Guild Wars 2 Member Fehler's Avatar

    Very nice idea :]] hope alot of people enter and make it fun :P
    sadly i can enter but good luck to everyone :D

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