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    IncGamers: Guild Wars 2 Member smorggie's Avatar

    Here's my pumpkin! Its a Canthan scar pattern, female necromancer

    Last edited by smorggie; 27-10-2011 at 14:28. Reason: added spoiler tag because I realized my pictures were big

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    GWOnline.Net Member stoudacz's Avatar

    ok i guess i could enter here too since i didn't place in official contest
    small version:

    super sexy hd version

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    IncGamers: Guild Wars 2 Member

    I'm still amazed that you didnt win Stouda. I can only assume they didn't get your entry or something, theres no way they should have denied your painting.

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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    Hum. Guess I'll enter my doodle. I was going to do something for the official contest, but missed the deadline by miles (ie, forgot about it).

    Silly young adventures out exploring during the spookiest night of them all... might be getting more than they bargained for.

    Dea Draconis Friendship is Magic Dea Felidae

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    GWOnline.Net Member The Mikey's Avatar

    howdy all! Nice to see all the GW2G members here.

    I wrote and recorded an original song called Charr Ghost Busters, which includes in-game charr dialog samples. Twas lots of fun, hope you all enjoy it!

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    My initial intended submission is still a whiles off and I got other things coming up which take precedence over it, so I'm going to be submitting a back-up piece for the contest (be thankful judges! The initial submission is already over 7 word doc pages long, and likely to be near 20 when finished; this is only 5!).


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    GWOnline.Net Member

    My entry for the literature category:

    Fluxes an finery, insanity rules
    The Lunatic Court, a bedlam of Fools
    We break all the seals, and draw back the veil
    Listen and harken to the Halloween Tale

    Shadows a growing on Kryta's fair shore
    Heralds arriving to sing out old lore
    The Mad King is coming, people beware!
    His jokes they will slay you, his games will ensnare!

    Laugh at his antics, obey on His whim
    The chance you'll survive ever grows slim
    Ghosts are a wailing and dart through the air
    Blood Moon looks down with its old leering stare

    Come all you peasants, come gather around
    Night time is falling, there's gifts to be found
    Beg and you laugh, dance til you drop
    The Mad King is speaking, his jokes will not stop

    Yet deep in Grenths Realm the messengers stride
    Servants of Candy seek Reapers who hide
    Forearmed with their traps, a foe they do seek
    Every one caught is for Dhuum to grow weak

    But the hours do pass, time will not stay
    The Mad King must go and be on His way
    But do not be worried and never you fear
    For the Mad one returns this time next year


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    IncGamers: Guild Wars 2 Member ninja bunny go's Avatar

    ill be making 2 entires for the art comp :)
    my haloween costume of dhuum

    and a pumpkin i carved front and back i was going for reaper from uw on the front

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Hi everyone :)
    just a quick question, is it okay to post a WiP-picture and just update it later on or do I have to post the final image? :O

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    The Order Of Dii [Dii]

    You may update your entry until the deadline.
    Just make sure to edit the original entry post in stead of making a new one, just so there is no confusion. :)

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