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    Okay, thanks :)

    In that case, here's my entry:

    Big version:


    I would say it's mostly finished, though I may find some things I want to tweak once I've taken my eyes off the picture for a little while... actually, while uploading it I realized that he's missing his tail, e.g.! :O

    (should I also upload WiPs? like, do you guys want to see the progress of the picture or do you not really care about it anyway?^^)

    Added a tail and fixed his left shoulder/arm, and several little tweaks and fixes...

    Old version sans fixes:



    WiPs for those who are interested :)

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    There is no rule that you have to post WiPs. That said, if you want to share such images I am sure there are many who would enjoy them. :)

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    Here's my entry, finally:

    (Uploaded to Rapidshare)
    [Better Formatting + nicer font]

    If you don't want the PDF here's the text version:

    I'd love to post a PDF as attachment, but unfortunately it says I don't have permission to do so... Anyone know a solution for that?

    Good luck to everyone that's participating!
    I hope you enjoy my story about the Mad King's return in Guild Wars 2
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    Congrats to the winners.
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    Some really cool entries! Nice stuff everyone.

    Great to see an extension on the contest :) I thought I'd post my Halloween-themed comic where I horribly maul some GW1 costumes.

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    A Halloween-themed postcard. It probably won't win but I hope it provides some laughs.


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    Here is my entry.. but i just found out about this contest today, so at least the color is reaaally crappy.. :(

    hope u still like it.. :)

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    Another Mad King Entry :/

    Well my literate entry is a Mad King one. (After I notice some people did poems or short stories on him.)

    Along with a book cover I made resorting to the story. :D

    (Click the picture for the story.)
    The second image I made for the story kind of like an inside or back cover is on the seventh page.

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    Any winners yet? Today's the eleventh :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by curvekiller View Post
    Any winners yet? Today's the eleventh :)
    I believe a post will be made when they have found their winners. Though to be fair, I'm sure it'll be obvious who one winner is (seeing as it looks like they were the only one in their category)!

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