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    Discussion on 2 man spirit farmer build/tactics armors everything

    so me and a friend want to do this 2 man team farming build.
    shown here


    i was going to do the first build shown, the channeler on my necro

    code here OAhkYggXIKyUnY501E00mY10FDAA

    now since i want to do the channeler build, what build would my friend be best for using to make the runs safer and most effecient?

    I have on my necro/rit the green soul reaping staff you get from the artisan by defeating the core campaign.

    I also did a bonus mission and picked up a channeler gold staff.
    what mods and insciptions would go best with that gold channeler staff?
    like which of these would work best for the build and job?

    i was thinking for

    staff head Insightful Energy +1...5
    wrapping of Enchanting Enchantments last 10...20% longer


    have faith +4...5 while enchanted
    seize the day energy +10..15 -1 energy regeneration (since i would have soul reaping 8+1+3 with rune and hat

    i would also like some advice on what runes and insignias to put on my armour, and what my friend should put on her armour?

    if anyone has experiance with these builds please help me learn more about this.
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