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    How is AB going?

    How is AB going not Fort Aspenwood or the Jade Quarrey(sp)?I am referring to the Kurzick side to get some amber and little donation.

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    Jade Quarry


    It's doing just awesome, thanks for asking.

    How are you doing?
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    I dunno, AB did leave work early yesterday for Ancestral Lands; think it said it had a migraine or something, but you know it's just skiving off to play Minecraft. No wonder no one takes it seriously as a PvP format.

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    I ask a simple question and this is what I get in otherwards no one here knows.I just want to get some ammber for Kurzick top and boots.

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    Well, since the change, you would be earning Imperial Faction, which you can then exchange for whatever faction points you want, Luxon or Kurzick. So it doesn't really matter.

    And there's probably quicker ways of getting faction than AB.
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    At no point in GW history has AB ever been the fastest way to gain faction. However if you want to play it, it should be more than fast enough to gain enough amber for armor; there isn't much required.

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    It's all about the ammbers!

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