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    HERO - Three man party

    Hey, it appears that not many people are viewing this site lately so, ya know, if you got any advice at all, that'd be great
    Okay, so I have started playing Guild Wars with my two friends again. We all decided to start it up again because we were bored and it has become enjoyable because we are talking over Skype instead of using the in-game IMing.
    Friend #1 has decided to take up a monk profession, just like always with a ranger secondary. Friend #2 has taken up an ele profession with a necro secondary. And so I thought I might as well go Me/W because that's all that isnt taken in the Prophecies campaign which is what were playing on.
    However, since were playing pve, there are many large groups of enemies all over the place and I'm getting a little bored with the painstaking task of taking them all out.
    So I guess my final question is are there any decent crowd control skills in the Mesmer profession I can pick up soon in the campaign? OR Would it just be smarter to go get a Nightfall or Factions (which I have) profession and work my way backwards to play through the Prophecies campaign with them?
    I don't really care that much about my class; I'm playing purely because I'm having a good time talking with them All im looking for is an effective class which will help to take out the groups and bosses. I guess just to be a freakin boss dps. I know you can turn any class into a dps-er but you know what i mean. I just want to be effective and quick. I like casters but it doesn't really matter as long as I can mow through large groups.

    Thanks for any responce
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    Crowd control is more of an elementalist thing, but I think there are some good mesmer skills you can use against crowds. You'll really start to shine later on though. Interrupts are often quite good though at stopping the foes from doing nasty things, like long-cast spells like meteor showers or resurrection.

    I'm not that big into mesmer builds, especially using only skills from early campaign. When I want to do lots of AoE damage, I like to take chaos storm (plus arcane echo for lulz). Hopefully some other members can fill in better ideas.

    Oh yeah, and don't forget to fill in your team, you have space for an extra member.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biogeneous Breeze View Post
    So I guess my final question is are there any decent crowd control skills in the Mesmer profession I can pick up soon in the campaign?
    Hm, not "soon in the campaign", but Panic, Cry of Frustration and perhaps Cry of Pain are definitely crowd control skills.

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    Shared Burden?

    Easiest way would probably to get it probably is buying 3 flames of balthazar in Great Temple Of Balthazar and unlock the skill at the priest of balthazar (or do some ra to earn that 3k faction ^^) and then unlock on ur character by using an elite mesmer tome.

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    If you want effortless, fast-paced DPS, go warrior. (Probably /Mo for a rez, but don't take any other monk skills.)

    Warriors are consistently at the forefront of damage, both in the early-game (where eles shine) and end game (where eles suck.)

    If your monk friend wants to cause damage instead of heal/prot at any point, warriors and smite monks go together like PB&J. Or Nutella and toast if you aren't American, I guess.

    All that said, mesmers become real powerhouses in the late game. Not more or less than warriors, but they have some very powerful AoE spells, such as those that have been mentioned already.

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    Mez has nice AoE shutdown with Panic, Psychic Instability. For damage physicals are king although I do have a soft spot for smiters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyris Requiem View Post
    Mez has nice AoE shutdown with Panic, Psychic Instability
    PI might just be the most fun Mesmer elite in the game right now. For maximum effect, yell "sit" each time you use it.

    And Mesmer is a great choice for DPS and control on the same bar; toss PI on there with some illusion hexes like Wandering Eye and chuckle your way all the way to Hell's Precipice (with some sidetracking for skill capping/pickup, of course).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erring Ryft View Post
    PI might just be the most fun Mesmer elite in the game right now. For maximum effect, yell "sit" each time you use it.
    haha ill be sure to do that!

    Kay so i was doing some thinking bout working my way back as a derv earlier but now that i jumped on here and see you guys kind of praising the Mesmer for later in the game so this is probably going to work out fine haha i was worried about kind of being an anchor to our team and that was reinforced when we came to the quest Athea's Ashes (or something) where we got ripped a new one and i kind of figured myself to be the one that should have been shutting down the healers. I don't really have many AoE interrupts other than Cry of Frustration.
    I suppose this'll just take some practice

    Thanks for the posts!

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