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    [GamesOverCast] Episode 68 - What the Haggis?!

    In the 68th episode of the GamesOverCast podcast, the team covers the Eurogamer Expo, including an interview with Colin Johanson.

    Quote Originally Posted by teaser text
    Eurogamer happened and was bigger and bolder than last year, so find out what the cast got up to there and whether or not their free Onlive consoles actually work?!
    We have been playing lots more Gears of War 3 and Yamster got stuck into some story mode in F1 2011, wait how does a formula one game have a story? Also first impressions of the Battlefield 3 open beta, it's so pretty!
    Incoming games we are excited about include RAGE and Dark Souls which are landing next week and Dark Souls sparks some controversy as they really do not want you to talk to your friends and play at the same time...
    Yamster is embarking on an epic gaming challenge for charity for the Extra Life 24 hour gaming marathon please support him it is for a great cause.
    You thought there could not be any more awesome interviews after Gamescom but we got invited back at Eurogamer to talk to Guild Wars 2 and more craziness from the World of Tanks team.
    Quite hilarious stuff, even though not everything is about GW2.
    GW2 stuff starts at 50 minutes.
    (Parent's advice: some strong language on the site and in the content)
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