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    Stuff to think about

    Hey all, been awhile since I've been what you can call active. But I'm back and well, I was going to say better than ever, but honestly I'm rustier than ever. That being said, I've been talking with people in the alliance at various times of the day and have found out that people are again interested in doing some of the elite areas.

    Because of this, I've decided to post some stuff around and see if anyone is willing to join us up for this. I've done many FoW runs (we can go for armor too if anyone is ready). We've also done several UW runs in the past. Sadly my friends list is quite dated, so I won't be able to fill positions like I used to, but that's why I'm posting here.

    If anyone wants to do either of those, or *gasp* try DoA, let me know here, or I guess in game. The sooner we get some replies, the sooner we can plan everything.

    Thanks everyone, looking forward to keeping you all alive against impossible odds.

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    I want to do this of course. I would love to get a tormented weapon for Vanyel at some point.

    I think we could do this on thingie nights. I'll spring for scrolls and cons if need be.

    We could also move this thread to the public section for more exposure if you think that would be a good idea.

    Love it! Thanks Anthony!

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    Thread moval might be a good idea.

    As far as consets go, they're completely unnecessary for FoW. But we used to use them around the burning forest for the final push for quick times. In UW, the only time we ever really used them significantly was during the 4 horsemen stuff. But that was because we used to do balanced teams and I'd just prot a warrior hero to hold one side off. Always felt it was safer to pop the set than to lose the mission. I don't remember DoA as well. The groups I used to run it would pay the conset user whatever a conset went for at the time and we'd use them all the way through. The balanced groups I played with didn't use them all the time but had them in store for harder sections.

    Thingie nights are fine, we can also setup secondary nights, maybe drum up some activity. I know MVOP was trying to set stuff up for Thursdays. Maybe it would make sense for every guild in the Alliance to try and have one day that is theirs to create an event. Even if it's just 1-2 reps from the guild and even if the "event" is a FoW run or random dungeon.

    We could also start a dungeon time. Do the dungeons in numerical order, 1 or 2 at a time every week. Just trying to keep blood flowing, ya know? If this thread gets moved, I hope people will post some of their own ideas.

    btw, I've never really understood or done much of Sorrow's Furnace. So if people want to do that randomly, I won't be able to lead or figure out where to go. I'll just be able to keep red bars full, but who doesn't love that?

    We can also do one class runs of areas. All Dervish, All Paragon, All Mesmer, etc. I personally really want to do all Monk and all Dervish runs of dungeons and stuff. Mesmer will be harder than it used to be because they changed the way Fast Casting worked. Only long spells are affected by the cast increase now. Too bad, no more fast cast Me/E.
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    Well, last night we did a clean FoW run with people in the alliance. Some of them couldn't make it to Temple of Ages, and others couldn't make it to Chantry of Secrets. So we checked the wiki and realized we can leave from Embark Beach! Once that little hiccup was out of the way, it was smooth sailing with, Yiufa Tanaka, Lady Arucard, Relii Nameo, and Serenity Sharptip. All of us were looking forward to an eventualy UW run as well! Here's a screenie!

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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    Congratz on successful run. Any good drops along the way?

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    The normal, couple of obby drops per person, ~5k in sold whites and blues. At least 1-2 golds per person. All in all a lucrative run. We did another a few nights after the pictured run and did great. It's fun getting new people into some of these elite areas. Or at least giving them the chance to try it in a balanced team rather than a special speed clear team.

    That being said, I'm still aiming to do some UW and DoA in the coming weeks, so be on the look out for that!

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