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    Weekly Nicholas Tutorials

    >>Link to tutorials<<
    For a little over a year now, I've been doing a weekly video guide for farming items that Nicholas the Traveler collects. The guides have been promoted in the Community News on the official GW site, as well as a few fan sites and is listed on Nicholas' page on the official wiki.

    If you ever have trouble with one of the week's items, you can check in for some tips and strategies that will hopefully be of use to you. The guides are not about "use this build, and only this build" like some other guides out there. I do encourage people to be creative with how they farm, and (in addition to stupid jokes) I just give information to help make your own build, like what kinds of damage to expect and what kind of self defense you need.

    I do my best to answer any questions left in the comments if players need additional help, so if you need clarification on something feel free to ask!

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    I've been a subscriber of your vids for a while now, I would highly recommend checking out your vids, they've helped me numerous times.

    Keep up the great work.

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