Our aims are to become a strongly established guild within the Guild Wars 2 community. Currently we are searching for players with posotive attitudes and strong intentions to progress throughout the content which will be on offer when Guild Wars 2 is released. Ashen Gates will welcome any like minded players that have a good sense of humour and love team work within the gaming community.

Ashen Gates is an english based setup but we do welcome and urge all nationalities to apply as we wish to contain a large scale guild community were it be in game or website related. Before Guild Wars 2 is released we wish to gather a friendly community of players to exchange ideas and information in preparation of the big day. Preparation and knowledge is the key to any successful guild within a MMO/RPG enviroment so if you think you have what it takes to become a valuable member of Ashen Gates and contribute to our community then please feel free to venture to the recruitment section and complete and application form.


Leadership of Ashen Gates currently lies with myself... My name is Dan and my in game name will be Thungen. I have been a guild leader throughout MMO/RPG games for the last 7 years probably the most recognizeable will be World Of Warcraft which i currently held leadership for just over 6 years, progressing through content and generally offering a friendly community to all round players aswell as maintaining high rankings of progression.

Note - Assistant leadership vacancies are available at this moment in time, if you wish to apply for one of these vacancies then please feel free to contact me via the recruitment section and state in your application that you are intrested in the position. These vacancies will only be given to players with a high standard of commitment and dedication towards Ashen Gates and its community.

If anybody has any questions that they wish to have answered then you are more then welcome to register and pass a message to myself or any other member of our community.

To apply go to - Http://AshenGates.Enjin.Com


Dan / Thungen