The Everlasting Sacred Path is a PvE/PvP/RP guild that has been active in guild wars since June 2005. While we are a large guild, we have remained a very close-knit community built around having fun, socialization, and organizing a large number of guild/alliance activities. We are active now and shall be active in GW2 as well. Currently we are searching for a few additional people who would like to join our group and be a part of the experience. We do require that applicants be age 18 or older. The median age in the guild is somewhere in the upper 20's.

Our charter is simple because we pay close attention to who we recruit, eliminating the need to have to worry about internal issues. We look for people who are here to play and interact with the guild in a positive way and who are looking to stick around for the long term.

ESP is the lead guild in a full Kurzick Alliance which also includes:
-Ex Diku Mud Addicts [iMud]
-Fuzzies Anonymous [Fuzy]
-Ancient Dragon Disciples [ADD]
-Quality Before Quantity [QQ]
-Rage Aganist The Demons [RAiD]
-The Care Bears Rawr [RAWR]
-Dawn Of A Million Souls [BhLd]
-Death With Dignity [DWD]
-The Hidden Nexus [ESP] (our expansion guild)

There are not any faction requirements in our alliance, but we typically hover between 3million - 6 million faction purely by virtue of being highly active.

We cater the most to true PvX players who are interesting in trying a bit of everything that Guild Wars has to offer. Our activities range from helping out new characters to elite dungeon areas and speed clears; and from syncing arenas and low-end pvp areas to GvG and HA. We use our forums and ventrilo server to assist in organizing all of our events.

I encourage all interested parties to stop by and have a look at our forums which can be found here - to get a better feel for what we are all about. People are also welcome to contact me directly with any questions. Your best bets for contacting me are either in-game or a post/pm on the ESP Forums.

I thank you all for your time in reading this and wish you well,

~Karuna Vajra