U Just Got Rolled By [nuBz] LF Hard Mode and Speed Clear Guilds to Join our new Alliance

Who we are:
We are a Hard Mode PvE oriented Kurzick Guild with a full guild hall, nice cape, and 90+ members. We are social and very active, with about 70% of us logging on each day.
We have our own Vent and Website/Forum. Vent is used frequently, and activity there continues to grow. We encourage all members and alliance partners to use our Vent and the Forum.

We have members from many parts of the world and several time zones. We are open to players of any age that are capable of being respectful in chat and Vent (usually at least 16+), but we also have some members ranging in age from their 20s to their 40s. We are a diverse group!

We encourage the use of our ally chat. We try to keep things mature but allow for some goofing off, as long as it is not becoming disruptive. We would be considered between PG and PG13 if we were a movie... We try to be respectful: No hate-speech, racism, sexism, or trolling allowed!

We currently have players working on, and forming groups, in the following areas:
Finishing our Hall of Monuments, Vanquishing, Zaishen Mission/Z. Bounty/Z. Vanq., Jade Quarry, War in Kryta, Winds of Change, Dungeon Running, balanced group and some SC in FoW, UW, DoA, and Urgoz, Title Hunting, Gifts of the Traveler (weekly), HM Missions, Mapping, and basically anything PvE that happens in GWs. Faction donation is appreciated, but not a requirement.

Our Focus:
We are focused on forming an alliance of partners and friends that will continue on into GW's 2! We want to form an alliance of compatible guilds to provide access to players for many parts of the game.

We would like to invite guilds that compliment each others strong points. Specifically, we are looking to add other social HM PvE guilds, Speed Clear guilds, and Title Hunting guilds. We would like to talk to any guilds that are looking for this sort of mixed balance in an alliance.

We have mature leadership and officers, hoping to build friendships and long lasting partners into GW's 2...

If you are looking for an alliance with us, please PM:

X Gods Promise X (Guild Leader)
Sylvia Faithwielder (Co-Leader)

or email sylvia-gw@live.com