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    Fishing time: Sergeant Ralph needs our help!

    Got this urgent message in my mail, here we go again!

    Hello Friend

    How are you, hope you are doing great am sorry for contacting you this
    way but i seriously do need your assistance. Please take a minute and
    read through this mail.

    My name is Sergeant Ralph Deleon am a Sergeant in the United States
    Army Stationed here in Iraq, I am a one of the 50,000 American Soldiers
    left here in Iraq for the operation New Dawn. I am contacting you to
    plea with you to help me get some items and cash which i recovered
    during the war here.

    If you are willing and prepared to help you will be compensated but for
    the meantime please contact me immediately so i can give you further
    I will be praying and waiting for your urgent response.

    Waiting to hear from you.
    Sergeant Ralph Deleon
    And here is my reply:

    Serge?! Me and the boys believed you to be dead! Is Team Alpha Tango Bravo okay?
    We are dug in deep here in the trenches near Haji Homaran, near the Iran border. We lost contact with your team at about 3:30 AM last week after that Black Hawk was struck by SAM. We're pretty tight on ammo, but we could really use some air support. There are snipers in every nook and cranny. The place is packed more tightly than a Kirkuk h**ker's p*ssy.

    I'll see if I can spare a few men to help out with your loot. I'll be sending private Duncan, Forgewight and Thommis. You'd better keep an eye on Thommis though, he insisted on going so I couldn't stop him,
    but I think he's seeing a bit red around the eyes if you get my drift. Ever since Hawkins dropped his insides all over him and died in his arms, he's not been the same. Bloody assassin just came up out of nowhere. That man has been through some serious sh*t. Now he just wants to get even.

    Anyway, I think Delta Squad can hold out for a few days, but you've got to call in reinforcements.
    Just tell me where to send Duncan, Forgewight and Thommis, and I'll join them to pick up your stash.

    Your friend in battle,

    Corporal Rurik
    "Stay frosty!"
    As always, we'll see if the scammers are dumb enough to actually reply back. And from that point, we'll see how crazy we can make the story till they simply give up.
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    I've thought a few times of replying to some of those phishing attempts, but I'm ascared these jokers would have a way to get into my private business somehow if I did that. I'm happy to let you be the guinea pig, we'll see what happens.

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    The worst thing that can happen is that they keep sending emails back. Some of the absurd fishing scams I get in my mail are so outlandish that I find it hard not to reply. Like that scam I posted a while back, of someone pretending to want to cash in on a victim of a planecrash. I noticed there are a few websites that have made it a sort of sport to try and get the scammers to send back pictures of them doing silly stuff.

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    Yeah, I know there's very likely nothing to worry about. I'm just kinda paranoid when it comes to some internetting...I guess I figure if I don't invite trouble, it's less likely to find me. I won't even open e-mails from senders I don't recognize here on my home computer--I'll use my work one for that.

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    Dii, TRUE

    lol Just tell him to wait another 45 days!!

    Oddly enough, I got a spam E-mail today from a friend (his name, an E-mail that looks like it could be his, based on aliases he used to use) who I didn't even know had my E-mail address. It looked like his actual Address Book had been hacked.

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