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    Cosmos [EU] Recruitment!


    The aim of our Guild is to build a friendly community full of like minded fun people who want to enjoy the game together, whether it be casual or competitive, PVE or PVP. We established the guild before release of the game to create a strong community bond and to get a feel for each others play styles. We hope to have our hands in all aspects of the game, from WvWvW and PvP to PvE dungeons, Achievement farming and RP’ing. We aim for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere but also focused and competitive when the occasion demands it. Ultimately our goal is to have fun with great people in a great game.

    Who we are:
    The Cosmos guild is a group of experienced MMO players from all backgrounds of gaming but first and foremost we are all good friends. We're all laid back people with a passion for the game and we're in it to be competitive yet have fun at the same time.

    What we want:
    We are looking to recruit people who are friendly, helpful and will contribute to the guild. Being active and involved with the guild, both in-game and on the forums, is an important part of being a member. We are also looking for people who can bring us glory in both WvW and PvP without the elitist attitude skill often brings.

    We expect a decent level of maturity - minimum age is 18 but we will lower to 16 on a case-by-case basis.
    We don't mind you being part of multiple guilds - as long as you are active with us and join in our events then we can't complain.
    We expect you to be active on the guild forums and mumble if/when you can.
    We expect you to help others in the guild if you can - if you need help you should expect this from us too.

    Apply @ http://cosmosguild.com/
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