Territory: North America
Voice Comm: Vent (not required but helpful and encouraged even without mic)
Faction: Kurzick (no donation requirement)
Website: www.markedsouls.com

Marked Souls was created in 2007 as a small, friendly Kurzick guild. We took a break from Guild Wars to play Aion for awhile but now we’re back in Guild Wars preparing for Guild Wars 2. Unfortunately, some of our members opted to wait for GW2 and will not be joining us again in GW1. The good news is that leaves a lot of room for us to grow in GW1!

We’re primarily a PvE guild that is American based (US and Canada) but we are open to members in all time zones. We’ve always favored quality over quantity and because of that we have never been a large guild. What we do have is a group of players who get along and play well with each other.

Who are we looking for?

We're primarily looking for mature new recruits with good attitudes and the ability to "play well with others". By no means does mature refer to either age or GW experience. Members range in age from the teens to the fifties and our experiences range from newcomers to 5 year veterans. Mature equals behavior in MkS.

What do we do?

We’re primarily a PvE guild but our members have a diverse set of interests. We’re currently working on Hall of Monuments and all that entails so: missions, titles, vanquishing, farming, etc.

We’re not a speed clear guild and never have been. We understand that the build of the week does not always allow for all players to participate and we don’t adhere to them unless we can bring everyone along.

What can MkS offer you that hasn’t been mentioned yet?
  • Great friendly people and a group of players that understand the value of support and encouragement.
  • Experience and help! Members range from 5+ year players to enthusiastic newcomers and all in between. Most of which are ready to help with almost any aspect of the game.
  • No drama! There are little to no interpersonal conflicts among the members of our guild.
  • PvE or PvP - it's your choice! We are primarily PvE but there's a few AB’ers, Arena players, HA’ers, etc.
  • No required activities - No donations of faction, items, or time are ever required.

How do you join?

If you're interested in MkS, either visit our website at http://www.markedsouls.com or contact Kousei Doragon.