We came forth as individuals seeking and hoping to find others just alike. When we had came across another we became Forever Guardian Knights. Tired we were being cut off from others has ourselves. Our guild is to home us and we beckon the call of those who wish to replace influence with friendship, dark with light, membership with bonds.

In founding the guild we layed out procedures and operations that we contain within our guild law. We strive to set a standard of ethics within this home to others such has ourselves. Lax they are but protecting against those of wrong and unjust it is. We believe in understanding of another and harmony between ourselves. Enemies we are not in wanting but a haven for those abused by such we welcome the hurt, lost, and those in suffering we wish to give you a guild that truly is what one should be.

Our leadership follows the practice and fiber layed out by Carrin The Great. In defeating our enemies Narasa The Protector brings justice. While in all of hard times you can count on your friend Silva The Loyal to bring you through. But for where you need heart put your faith into Elf The Lionheart. But if you see a shadow come across your way. Fear not it is only the Shadow Walker keeping vigilance. But when we are lost and all is for not we look for our Angel Of Light who shall show the way. Strong these people are and they are that which is a Guardian Knight.

To join up with us there is one of two ways. Pm Vinan Neran ingame or here with questions of seeking of invitation. The other part of the guild uses xfire has a means of communication. Apply for us there here http://www.xfire.com/communities/wgks/