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    Circle Nine [IX] is recruiting

    Hello, first off I'd like to thank you for expressing an interest in joining Circle IX. We are a well known and respected tournament clan within the Socom community, however due to the recent flop in the Socom series have decided it was time to move on to a different game. We have decided that Battlefield will be our new game of choice due to the tactical gameplay involved with the game. And we are now opening our branches to the MMO genre, starting with Guild Wars and the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2 and build off from there. We also strive to keep our clan and forums DRAMA-FREE.

    We are a fresh new guild on Guild Wars looking for casual and hardcore players to join us in our ranks. We currently accept both PvE and PvP players. We do not tolerate "elitism", we are willing to help anyone, guild or not, with quests/missions.

    Our Members:

    We strive to create a great atmosphere for gamers to connect and play together both in-game and on our forums. We are a good group of mature players being that a lot of us are 18+ years old. Our #1 focus is on us having fun, after all we play games to have a good time. We are also aware that losing isn't fun. We have talented players in all aspects of the FPS, and MMO genre. We have a solid group of players on every night to play whichever game they please. (Anywhere from 4-10 members).

    Requirements for Acceptance:

    1. Be active on the game and on the forums. (Without being active on our forums, you will miss out on important information about wars, scrimmages, meetings, tournaments, practices, rules, tactics, and various other things of that nature. We stress forum activity a lot in this clan, so please be active and stay in the loop about what's going on.)

    2. We ask that our recruits are 18+ years old. (With that said, we do not deny an applicant simply based off of their age. We will accept someone who is under the age of 18 if they can act maturely and respectfully towards the other members.)

    3. Please be respectful towards your fellow clan members and friends. We do not tolerate people making racial remarks and things of that nature.

    We have an official Clan Oath (rules list) that you can read on our website after you register to our forums.

    If you feel you can handle those few simple requests we ask of our members, please feel free to drop in-game and sent me a whisper on my Necromancer, Jay Deathshroud. Or my Assassin, Jayne Daggershroud.

    Website: Circle IX Forum

    Hope to see some of you over on the forums or in-game (If you have any questions, please try to ask us over on our forums/in-game, it's much easier to get a hold of us there, Thanks.)

    PC Cell Commander
    Circle IX
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