Hello everyone.

I am a returning GW player. I played a lot back when only Prophecies was out. I ended up beating the main storyline but not much else. Due to life, and of course other games I ended up not playing much GW after that. however I have stuck my head back in from time to time and purchased all the extra content.

I am now ready to return in full force. My goal is to see all of the content and to complete my Hall of Monuments. I started by creating a new character, a Paragon, who I will probably build as an Imbagon.

So on to the real mete of the post. Do you have any advice or suggestions to help me along my way. Whats the best way to work my way through the content and see it all? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

For further information, I have already joined MVOP as a Guild and I do not plan on purchasing Mercenary Heroes, the only thing I did not buy from the Marketplace.

See you in the game.