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    Help and Advice

    Hello everyone.

    I am a returning GW player. I played a lot back when only Prophecies was out. I ended up beating the main storyline but not much else. Due to life, and of course other games I ended up not playing much GW after that. however I have stuck my head back in from time to time and purchased all the extra content.

    I am now ready to return in full force. My goal is to see all of the content and to complete my Hall of Monuments. I started by creating a new character, a Paragon, who I will probably build as an Imbagon.

    So on to the real mete of the post. Do you have any advice or suggestions to help me along my way. Whats the best way to work my way through the content and see it all? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    For further information, I have already joined MVOP as a Guild and I do not plan on purchasing Mercenary Heroes, the only thing I did not buy from the Marketplace.

    See you in the game.

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    Glad to have you returning, MVOP is an excellent guild who will keep you right and assist you in all aspects of the game.

    I'm sure someone will have mentioned that Factions is the fastest way to level up a character with Nightfall not far behind. Heroes are an excellent way to play by yourself if you find yourself in an outpost with only henchies for company and no guildies on, level them up as soon as you can and keep reward points unclaimed until you get your weakest heroes into your group - this way you'll maximise the speed with which you'll be fully powered.

    Lastly, try and grab as many white pets as possible to start on that part of your HoM, there might be a pig mini out there going cheap which will give you the gold point there too. Greens will be the hardest for you to get there generally.

    Best of luck and hope to see you in game at some point!


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    Dii, TRUE

    Welcome aboard the Alliance =D Definitely use both the guild and alliance channels for help if you get stuck.

    I would hope over to Prophecies to pick up Olias as soon as you are able. Otherwise, just working your way through Nightfall should be enough. Once you round up enough heroes and max out your levels, you can hop over to Factions or Prophecies, whatever you want. You'll gain levels faster in Factions than any other campaign, so if you find that you're struggling and need to beef up a bit, keep that in mind. The content IS harder there, though, but you'll have level 20 henchmen at your disposal.

    Also, if you have EotN, you might want to jump there as soon as you are able to pick up some level 20 henchmen. You'll get a buff that makes you fight as level 20, so don't worry about being too low. Can grind exp Killroy's brawling to level up faster, too. I can't remember the access requirements, but I THINK if you beat Prophecies, your Paragon will have access once he hits level 10 and completes a quest.

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