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Thread: XM The Deep

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    XM The Deep

    Hello, I would like to suggest a The Deep run, in XM or not I don't really care.

    A The Deep statue in my Hall of Monument is currently the ONLY thing that is keeping me away off of 50/50.

    Who would be interested?

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    Im totally up for XM Deep, i can play any of the 5 roles but i would really prefer not to play monk. I would suggest turtle-way since that is the newest XM setup for the deep, requireing the following:

    Dervish: Turtle (EDA) Tank
    Mesmer: Panic with Technobabble, Complicate, death pact signet, and Mirror of Disenchantment
    Ritualist: SOS with GDW and Signet of Binding
    Necro: SS with Blood support, rebirth and Consume Corpse
    Monk: Healing Burst build (Z or Ten can probably elaborate on these)

    If we get a good team together it should take about 90 mins.

    Ill be online next time on sunday evening the 25th. and i am allways up for XM. If you are interested you can pm. me on Sabriel The Solmn, Aoi Enishi or any of my other characters.

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    I might be able to get The Deep done before then, but I'd want to try XM mode anyway :)
    Sadly I won't be able to log in Sunday, I was more thinking as between the 26th and the 30th December
    I could play Monk

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    That fits me aswell, its mah birthday on the 26th so after then and till newyears ill be free most of the time. And yes you should totally join us for XM! its lots of fun. We usually XM sunday at around 21:30CET but we're open to other times as long as we know in advance.

    We have been working on the uw setup for a while and i think we are getting close to a completion setup. All we need now is to work on our teamwork and strategies for wastes plains and pits quests since all the normal area foes we can take care of.

    We allready have fast and working setups for urgoz the deep fow topk and dungeons (which are easy in general)

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    If you give me a day and a time, I can generally be around as well :-)


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