2012 a new year, a new beginning. For Luna!
And also for Guild Wars 2 because this year Guild Wars 2 will be released!

Two friends have one passion, playing Guild Wars 2 with fun and also a nice guild.
We already have fun now we will release a nice guild.
So the two friends decide to make a nice guild.

Luna is BORN!

Introduction : Luna
Luna is a Latin name for Moon.

We have chosen this name because it is short and a powerful name, making the chances of success bigger.' Luna ' is also a name that will remain good in the popularly and not quickly from memory will go from others.

Luna is a guild that exclusively only on Guild Wars 2 is present. A guild with its own look, ideas and playing style on GW2.

We are an international Guild, which means that people from all over the world accompany us.
Experienced players but also newcomers are welcome in our guild!

Our main objective will be PvP (Player vs. Player), we are a Guild that has plans to be on the competitive area very dangerous for other guilds.

Our main aim is making fun and to keep our Guild enjoyable for everyone.

Luna must and will consist of people who go for each other and help each other. That's why we prefer quality over quantity players to create a good atmosphere.

Two main factors in Luna
* *We do not tolerate elitism ( Sort of ego’s)
* *Drama and children make a bad atmosphere of our Guild. This is also the reason why you must be 16 +.

Are you interested?

If you’d like to join? Go to our website, fill in the application and become a member to one of the best guilds in Guild Wars 2!

Website: Lunaguild
Teamspeak 3: tarbaxeliteclan.no-ip.info:9987

Have questions?

Visit the website and ask away on our forum, private message me, or drop an email to our leaders: LunaSupport.gw2@hotmail.com