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    Question PROPH / NF - Nightfall to Ascalon. Quests?

    Hey guys. I just ran back to Old Ascalon from Nightfall and now I'm looking for a Quest to start me off. I just want to get rolling through the story with some friends but I can't find any quest holders in Old Ascalon.
    Where can I go?

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    As a Nightfall native, there will be no quests from Old Ascalon all the way to Griffon's Mouth. It's the same if you took a Prophecies Character into Nightfall or Factions, the starter content is for natives only.

    You can still do missions in Ascalon and the North Shiverpeaks on your Nightfall native, just head to the Great Northern Wall outpost which is adjacent to Ascalon City. You'll probably need to use some Wiki maps or similar to get you from mission to mission if you don't know the way.

    If any of your friends are Prophecies natives, you'll need to rely on them to lead the way if you don't want to use the wiki for guidance :)
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    My two friends which I'm playing with are Prophecies Charactors. :) Thanks much

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