Hello, all.

Now that we are past the holiday chaos, we are getting back to the War in Kryta. As was mentioned in-game last week, we are trying out Wednesday nights for the regular groups. This will allow anyone in the groups who wants to watch Guildcast live (on gamebreaker.tv Thursday nights at 9pm Eastern) to do so without trying to keep one eye on the mission at the same time.

You can find where we left off over in this thread: http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forum...rogress-thread
Tonight's goal will be to complete the next two missions. We will be meeting in Lion's Arch Japanese District 1 at 9pm Eastern.

If you are already past where we are in the WiK story and want to join us anyway, I think we are at a point where that will be fine, so jump on in. If you are not yet up to where we are in WiK, but want to catch up, let us know and we'll see if there is time to do that before 9pm. Worst case, we'll plan a way to have you caught up by next week.

Finally, if you want to join in on a regular group, but are nowhere near War in Kryta yet (if, for instance, you are still working on the Prophecies campaign), let us know and we'll try to match up people who are close to each other in the missions.

Thanks and I'll see you in-game. :)