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    [Team Legacy] WvW and Structured PvP

    Leadership: Ever-Changing, thats one of the perks.
    Goal: End-Game PvP, PvE comes naturally in-between PvP.
    Recruiting: Yes, but under certain circumstances.
    Members: Over 150 active weekly on forums.
    TeamSpeak: ts41.gameservers.net : 9238

    A Short History
    Our Focus

    TeamLegacy was originally established in early August as a TeamLiquid offshoot. TeamLiquid.net is the prime website for Starcraft and Starcraft 2 outside of Korea and a haven for competitive hardcore gamers. Together with a few friends, we have flourished and become very active. Our community continues to grow and interact with each other through various methods: playing games together, chatting on teamspeak, and through guild meetings. As a result of this, we have begun to see ourselves differently: we don't see ourselves as a group of randoms who have come together for a greater goal; we see ourselves as a community of gamers. Most of us have gamed our entire lives, many even at a professional level, and now we've come together to create a haven where we all are encouraged to think freely and interact with others who share our passions. We are a community of kindred spirits; we are a team.

    Legacy's main focus is to provide a haven for philosophers and theorycrafters to have open, intelligent debates and discussions on game-mechanics, playstyles and top-level strategies; then utilize that information to become the best at competitive content. In light of such a unique philosophy, we have chosen to design a very unique leadership structure that allows for everyone, from their first week in the guild on, to have a chance to voice their opinion on all major guild decisions. We want to avoid the standard cliques and drama of most large guilds, and maintain a helpful, positive, open minded environment where nobody feels as though they can not talk to another member based on social status within the guild, and we feel allowing everyone an equal voice is a great way to establish that environment.

    Our leaders and current members have top level experience in games such as Warhammer, Team Fortress 2, Guild Wars 1, Starcraft and WoW. Using leadership and strategies learned from these games we plan on leading the guild to greatness. We currently have over 150 interested members from these games and more.

    What Makes Us Tick:
    Our Guild Structure.

    Our vision for ourselves is to combine the dedication, experience, theorycrafting ability, high performance and expertise of hardcore guilds with the fun-factor and silliness of casual guilds in order to gain fame and honor. We don't want to be "that guild" where everyone fears making a mistake; but on the flip side of that coin, we currently see ourselves as a guild that will be competing in the upper-echelons of PvP. We fully expect that everyone will inevitably come to know and respect the name TeamLegacy, and we understand how bold that statement is.

    We also strive to create a friendly environment for all members, not just the competitive group. TeamLegacy and its offshoots plan to get together to do weekly world PvP and PvE events, involving all aspects of the community. The PvP events will give the less serious players an opportunity to learn from the more experienced. Our guild will be set up with a system of teams that will develop strategies alone and together, and have the option to participate in weekly PvP matches to hone their skills. This is the only way we can manage the numbers that we are predicting. This system also provides the small guild feel, but with the resources and players available of a large community.

    We wanted to make this post, first and foremost, to lend out a hand to any other like-minded players who would be interested in higher-level play. For the masses, just having GW2 in their hands and being able to play it will be good enough, but there are others we're sure that just love to work and test the latest in strategy and tactics. If you're among those free-thinkers, give us a shout.

    Encourage Competitive Gaming
    Let's work to make it happen

    As far as other guilds, and their governing entities, are concerned: if you're interested in developing a higher competitive atmosphere with us, or simply wish to know more about our upcoming ideas that we could work together to make realities, give us a shout as well. We're no strangers to the pro scenes in professional gaming, be it sponsored tournaments or highly-publicized casted events. We'd love to be able to work in tandem to make these ideas come true. Obviously there is a lot to be heard from ArenaNet on this front first, but working out the basic structures won't hurt at all. This isn't our first rodeo.

    Sign up for our forums at TeamLegacy and talk to members of the community. Even if you aren't interested in joining our members are always open to talk to and to discuss. We have an active teamspeak, where you can find all of us doing one thing or another. After all, we have nothing but time to kill until GW2's launch, and the more the merrier.

    Thank you,
    "Kid-kun" of Team Legacy

    Our website:

    Recently published articles:
    "The Psychology of Winning: Fail Better" - by Bridger
    "Guild Leadership; An In-Depth Look at Leadership in MMOs" - by Orz

    "Losing In A Constructive Manner" - by okuRaku
    An interview with our founder:
    "TeamLegacy spotlight" - GW2Fans.

    Freelancer here.

    I'm easily found at Tales of Tyria on Sunday's and lead/organize the guild at Team Legacy.

    We're getting a bunch of our community articles out, most regarding competitive play or improving your gaming experience. I hope you enjoy them, and if your among the group who consider themselves min-maxers, or arena players, give us a shout. You'll find yourself at home.

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    D1/D2 Recruitment Opened

    If there's one thing everyone learned from beta, it's that Team Legacy "walked" it's "talk". We completely crushed everyone we came across, and had some incredible and epic battles.

    Zerg? You didn't find it in TL. We had numerous strategies, splits, and collaboration with other guilds that impressed even Isiah Cartwright. After taking a keep where he had superior numbers (via our bait and switch tactic) he sent us a few compliments via PM and even a "Isiah Rose". It was a shining moment that made everyone feel that "guild pride".

    That being said, we realized that in order to accomplish our goals more efficiently in the upcoming live launch of Guild Wars 2, we need to only mount a solid offense (which we had, surely) but also establish an effective upgrade/macro-management defense. This means we are opening recruitment - - for a bit.

    D1/D2 is now open to those who have been waiting.


    Note: Due to our recent very-public success, we've had over 60 people apply to the guild in the last 3 days. Please be patient as we adjust our officer schedule accordingly. You may not get a response to your application within 24 hours, but rest assured, it was not overlooked. Everyone will have their interview process. Thanks!

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