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Thread: Vocal Minority

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    Vocal Minority

    I hate this spell. It can completely shut down a paragon and cause a wipe if he's playing imbagon, e.g.

    Is there another way than putting a hex-removal on your monk to deny the effects? I'm actually using more paragons than monks now, so I don't take hex-removal too often (Imbagon + Healing Paragon do quite a good job)...

    I'll suppose I'll just have to take another healer?

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    Paragon teams should include some hex removal, either on the healers, on mesmers (e.g., Hex Eater signet), or on the paragons themselves. It isn't just Vocal Minority that paras need to worry about. Blindness hexes (e.g. Blurred Vision) can be just about as devastating since it prevents you from building the adrenaline needed to power an imbagon. There are many anti-martial hexes that need removal ASAP because they cause misses, blindness, reduced attack speed, etc. Just like any team that relies on martial professions, hex and condition removal are vital since they are the prime sources of martial shutdown.

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