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    I am going to start posting a bunch of odd ends, enjoy:

    Guild Wars Ghost Story

    Before the Searing, nestled in Lakeside County rested the peaceful and homely Ashford Village. The village was blessed not only with its lush beautiful farmlands and inviting cozy appeal, but by the protection of Ashford Abbey watching over them close by. Within Ashford Village lived a small and cheerful little girl named Aven who was known to play with her friend Gwen.

    One day Aven wished to go out and pick white iris flowers to give to Gwen the following day. Aven’s mother Allison agreed, but told her to be back before dinner because of the wolves known to roam at night. Later in the evening as dinner grew cold and the brazen summer skies turned black with night’s pall, Aven did not come home. Allison was frantic and enlisted the help of her neighbors and those from Ashford Abbey as well in a search outside. When no sign of Aven could be found, the party entered into the catacombs under Ashford Abbey.

    The search continued throughout the night until evidence was found in the early pure light of dawn of an iris bouquet stained red with blood. The mother cried and the rest of the group mourned with her, but no further evidence showed where Aven had gone to. When the tired villagers returned home from their long search, they were startled with fear. Every white iris flower in Ashford had turned red, as well as throughout the rest of the surrounding lands.

    After the shocking disappearance many terror-filled accounts surfaced from those, who after picking a red iris flower, claim to have later seen Aven’s spirit from afar, standing, staring at them through hallowed eyes. The most shocking known account was from Gwen’s mother herself who recounted that her daughter had one day told her, “I love the red iris flowers! Aven said she made them just for me! Every time I pick one I know she will come out and play.”

    Some fun facts this story was written around:

    -"Aven" is a girls name meaning "red flower".
    -Lakeside County is the easiest area to find red irises
    -Gwen will not follow a character into the explorable Catacomb area (Now you know why...*evil laugh*)
    -Gwen likes when you give her red iris flowers in Pre
    -Aven's mother Allison is a reference to Allison the Tanner in Ashford Village
    -Gives an unknown twist to why there are red iris flowers about in Pre
    -Has a fun tie with the reader because more than not, all have picked up a red iris flower before (*chuckles*)

    There once was a Charr named Barthelow,
    Who liked to eat string and pink jello,
    One day he squeemed,
    And up came the string,
    After, that cat was quite mellow.
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