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    MVOP - 'Winds of Change' Wednesday February 1

    Hello, all.

    With the War in Kryta behind us, it is time to look to the next stage of GW:Beyond, Winds of Change. (Yes, Hearts of the North is technically next, but with most of it solo missions we are leaving that to people to do on their own if they want.)

    This Wednesday, February 1 at 9pm Eastern we will meet in Kaineng Center, Japanese District 1 to pick up the first mission, Cleansing Bukdek Byway. I hear we need to bring our A-game for this campaign, so be prepared for some tough fights. :)

    See you there,


    P.S. All are welcome, whether you played with us through War in Kryta or not. You just need to have finished the Factions storyline in order to get the WoC missions.

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    I agree. the more the merrier especially for any new or old guildies that need/want to get this story line done!

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    Well if we're bringing our A-game for this, I'll be bringing the A-Team!
    Bloody shame the only member of the A-team I can find is Koss, and he isn't exactly willing to cut his hair to the requisite Mohawk...

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    Think I'll join you for WoC, I missed a bunch of the Kryta quests. It's time I jumped back into the game with everyone.

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