Hello Everyone :D

The Gaming World Entertainment Network along with Guildwars2live.com, CrossingTyria.com, The Cult, Ankh and Aol Alliances, and many other volunteers across the Guild Wars community are teaming up to bring luck to all this coming Canthan New Year*!

We are teaming up to not only sponsor the districts for the feast on the Canthan New Year Finale Day, but we are giving you an opportunity to become "Lucky." (Yes, we are sacrificing 24 hours of sleep for this too!)

Canthan New Year begins at Pacific (-8 GMT) on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 and will end at noon Pacific (-8 GMT) on Monday, February 6th, 2012. We will officially begin the Lunar Collectors and our party in Shing Jea upon the appearance of the Celestial Dragon :D *** First Appearance starts at Midnight Pacific (-8 GMT) on Saturday February 4th! ****

How do we do that?

1. Attend one of the following districts:

Traditional Chinese
1. Gaming World Entertainment Network Hosted
2. Gaming World Entertainment Network Hosted
3. Gaming World Entertainment Network Hosted
4. Guildwars2live.com Hosted

1. CrossingTyria.com/Cult Alliance Hosted
2. [Ankh] Alliance Hosted
3. [Aol] Alliance Hosted

2. Tune into the Radio Stream at GW-EN.com for prizes every Mic Break!

3. Listen closely as we announce items to collect to help you "Get Lucky!"

"Getting Lucky"

Each District will have a "Lunar Collector" that will be collecting items every hour that the Celestial Being is not in district. 15 total hours that you can go out and collect an item (To be announced in all 7 districts and on-air. The item will be the same throughout all districts!) For example: We might ask you to collect 5 Red Iris Flowers for a Lunar Prize, so off you go! You come back, turn them in and we give you stuff! (Trust us, it'll be much nicer than what you would normally get from the Wintersday and Halloween Collectors) If you happen to be one of the "Lucky Trades," your prize will be larger! You might get some gold, a Zaishen Key, an ecto, or something else!

Prizes?! (For on-air...the Lunar Collectors is a complete surprise based on your "luck")

So far we have the following in the works!

1 Charr Plushie
4 Aion Wing Codes
10 Armbraces
1 Everlasting Kuunavang Tonic
1 Everlasting Anton Tonic
1 Everlasting Xandra Tonic
1 Everlasting Melonni Tonic
1 Everlasting Automatonic
1 Everlasting Shiro Tonic
1 Everlasting Zhed Tonic
2 Unded Kuunavang Mini
8 Destroyer Weapons
1 Elite Luxon Armor Set
1 Set of Birthday Gifts Years 1-6
Celestial Oxen
Celestial Tigers
Celestial Rabbits
Oppressor Weapons
Voltaic Spear
Celestial Compass'
Celestial Weapons
Dragon Gauntlets
Draconic Scythe
Draconic Aegis
Dragon Staves
Bone Dragon Staves
Several Birthday Gifts from Years 1-5

and of course..Ectos, Zkeys and much more :D

(This will be updated as we get closer to the event or tune in for more details :D)

We hope to see everyone out for this awesome Year of the Dragon! (Hopefully no Peasants will be burninated :) )

~ Rhonda