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Poll: What race for your engineer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffball View Post
    I like the idea of an engineer class, but the previews of it I've seen look really goofy. I think a large part of it has to do with me not liking Charr wearing human style clothes. Charr look badass in the GW1 clothing; they look downright silly in a wizard's robe.

    That said, if I am able to make a Charr that doesn't wear pants, my engineer will be Charr.
    Your comment is conflicting. You said they look silly in a robe, but you want a Charr that doesn't wear pants.

    I was pretty sure that Engineers are a medium armor class, so they shouldn't have any robes.

    In any case, my Engineer will be a Charr.

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    My Engineer is going to be a Norn female. Don't quite know why, but it just fits with me. Probably because I don't think Engineer suits the Asura (too low-tech!) or Sylvari, my main is already a Human Guardian, and I don't like the looks of Charr with guns.

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    CHAAARRRRR! (sounds like something a pirate would say)

    From the beginning I had set my mind to not make any Char character at all. I'm not too fond of beast races, in any game. BUT... I have this great Char character in BWE with the very most bestest awesome great name you can think of. So just because of that I will make a Char engineer.

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