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    Quote Originally Posted by MixedVariety View Post
    I'd use dead people for fertilizer before I'd eat them. Yes yes, the plants consume the flesh, and are ingested by me, so it ends up being the same...but not.
    Would this filter the radiation from them as well?


    While on the topic of radiation, if you want a half human/fish troglodyte encampment pet/mascot... I offer my body. I will promise not to eat anyone, and will make the kids laugh by going, "Grrhrlpthtlplplcthulululu..."; and feebly grunt/flee as they poke me with sticks.

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    It depends on the radiation. People (and other organic beings) with straight-up radiation burns do not usually retain radiation beyond the acute phase. This is why, for instance, it is quite safe to sterilize fruit and veg with radiation and eat it afterwards. So fertilizing with such victims should be safe.

    Whereas some kinds of radiation can remain for long times in organic systems. Even now, reindeer who eat lichen from the areas affected by the Chernobyl blast get increased levels of radioactivity in their bodies. They are low enough now to be safe, but back then they were not fit for human consumption.

    In a nutshell: Radiation as rays just go through, do their damage, and leave. Radiation from particles can remain for a long time, radiating.
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    Yeah God is still working on getting radiation into safe public release.

    His Alpha and Beta versions were really bad.

    I can tellz bads joke.


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    I'm no survival expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    EDIT: Actually, just being a general jack-of-all trades is my only strong point. Whether that would grant me access to your Utopia is arguable, but if you won't let me in, I'll probably just end up camping outside your make-shift village and doing what I can for the new society out there. I would be your ally, make no mistake about it and perhaps that act of generosity would grant me access.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MixedVariety View Post
    I'd use dead people for fertilizer before I'd eat them. Yes yes, the plants consume the flesh, and are ingested by me, so it ends up being the same...but not.
    Eh man, that's bad, don't use dead people for fertilizer. All the metals and toxins and general bad stuff in their bodies will be soaked up in the plants and then you eat them and die and some guy uses you as fertilizer, the plants get a both your and the previous guy's toxins etc. so it's a double dose for the next guy eating, it adds up really quickly like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aretelio View Post
    I'm no survival expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
    You could supply us with bacon.

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    No radiation to speak of going on, folks. This was a fragmented comet that struck in dozens of places over the globe, not a nuclear holocaust. The results were tsunamis, major vaporization of water and dust, resulting hurricanes and tornadoes, rain that didn't abate for months, and lots of earthquakes/volcanoes from some of the more major strikes on the ocean beds.

    The sun's just starting to peek through the clouds again, so a growing season may be possible soon in some areas around the globe. I would say again, the first order of business would be to loot anything and everything we can find from the cities and towns, many of which ended up underwater. We need to try to stay alive until the globe returns to some semblance of normalcy, unless chaos is the new normal.

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    I like swimming, don't get me wrong. I just think that while the butterfly might be fun, it's just not a good swim style compared to other more efficient swim styles.
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    Fat lot of good those strokes will do when all of the water is irradiated.

    Better get some Rad-X, son!

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    Well... I hadn't seen this thread before.
    So in answer to the original question.

    I originally trained in mechanical engineering & during my career progressed through Geotech, Civil & Structural Engineering.
    Significantly I worked on the most efficient nuclear power station in the UK, but now specialise in renuable energy.
    Further to this I am a kick boxer (Muay Thai & BJJ) & a member of a gun club. I also go rock climbing & ballroom dancing.

    So, I can maintain the reactor & stop it killing everyone while building a safer energy source.
    I can maintain what guns may be around, & with the metalurgy I learned I can make more munitions.
    I can build stronger, better structures & I can hunt, fish & grow food.

    So what can you do for me???

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