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    MVOP - 'Winds of Change' - Wednesday February 8

    Hello, all.

    This week we continue 'Winds of Change' with the 4th mission, 'Cleansing the Undercity'. We will meet in the Marketplace, Japanese District 1 at 9pm Eastern.

    We may attempt a different strategy this time around. One that does not have "group wipe" as a core feature. :)


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    Our group made it to the 7th mission, 'Rescue at Minister Cho's Estate'. That is where we will be starting next week, but with yesterday's release of the final missions in 'Winds of Change' there are more people looking to catch up. I will have a post in the forums you can use to find or arrange a group to do the missions you need. as always, you are welcome to join in on the Wednesday night group if you are able. We start around 9pm Eastern and I'll have a post up every week with details.


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