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    Need a group for 'Winds of Change'? Post here!

    Hello, all.

    With the release of the last part of the 'Winds of Change' storyline, more people are looking to start or finish up the content. We already have a Wednesday night group moving through the missions and you are welcome to join us, but if you are not up to where we are or the time does not work for you, please look or post in this thread for other available groups.

    If you post, please note where you are in the storyline and what days/times you have available for play. This is open to everyone, so if you have friends who are not in [MVOP] or our alliance, feel free to have them join in, too.

    Thanks and I'll see you in-game,


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    To start things off, there may be a group playing through some of the content this Sunday, February 12 between 11am and 5pm Eastern. Looks like they will be starting with the first mission, so if you have completed Factions and want to see if there is a spot in the group, let @TriggerSad on Twitter know or contact the character Trigger Sad in-game on Sunday.


    If their group is full, start up another! :)
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    I'm LFG, any week night except Friday, some Saturday day times. GMT player.

    Also War in Kryta
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    Hey guys! this is Lady Valithria

    I just started doing the Winds of Change! Currently finished Act 1, starting act 2. I mainly run a hero group because I play at odd hours and my playing seems to be very sporadic. So, I just turn up my music and break faces until I win! But I have found the emptiness to be quite depressing and feel that I should branch out and try to find a real group! I think that I may just keep blowing up normal mode but I wanted to see if anyone would like to set up a time each week or something roughly to start HM and get a solid group going!

    I'm also in conjuction with this, I am obviously working on my HoM as well. So if anyone would be interested in starting a list or thread with me of what they have left to compelete and figure out what we can work on together. For example: Getting the blackmoa chick and or Z keys / coins because I want my Z supporter title! :D

    I'm also currently a N/A or N/Rit and I feel quite useless. MM isn't great anymore, or so I feel! and SoS is great and fine but better with a hero running it imo.

    Anyways, if there's any interest please post here or let me know in game! I'm still feeling rather inspired to play so I will most likely be on every day! hooray! :D

    Thanks guys! :D
    Lady Valithria

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