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    Guild Wars Survivor Style

    Hey all, first and foremost, this is NOT an original idea, but one that I think would be a cool and fun "side" thing to do if you are currently bored/done with GW or just want to try something different.

    This is taken from the Ironman Wow challenge, just changed for GW rules of play.

    Gist of the 'GW Survivor Style": Beat every mission in all campaigns without dieing a single time.

    This will more than likely be revised/changed if people become more interested or have better ideas.


    1) Starter gear only, you know, that crappy gear you get that just plains sucks
    2) No mods on your armor or weapons whatsoever
    3) White/Blue weapons ONLY
    4) No /bonus items allowed
    5) No buffs/summons allowed
    6) No heros/mercs allowed. Henchies only ladies and gents
    7) No elites allowed. Time to get creative
    8) No skill tomes allowed. You have to earn/buy your own skills
    9) No sending gold/plat/ectos/etc from storage (will be tricky since storage is shared)
    10) If you die, delete and restart. No merching items/gear/weapons and stashing gold/plat in storage (sucks, but makes it more interesting)

    Well other than those tentative "rules", I cant think of anything else that would make this harder to do. If you can think of another rule, or one listed above that should be revised, leave a comment and we'll see how this goes.

    Obviously, this will be one of those "take you at your word" kind of things, but since it's more of a fun side thing to do, theres really no need to lie about it. If you want to cheat on any of the rules, thats fine, but know that it's just cheating yourself (end dad speech :D ).

    The only way I can think of to "prove" that you beat the whole game without dieing would be to take a screenshot of your HoM Honor stand with the campaign statues showing and your /deaths in the chat.

    Feel free to berrate/flame/throw this in the ground. I am always looking for new and fun ideas and challenges.

    Thank you

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    1) As far as the "beat every mission in all campaigns, bonus/masters etc is NOT required, but a hefty bonus on your part if they are all gotten.
    2) Buffs in town should be considered OK, since they wont be carried through portals. So feel free to get those party/sweet/alc titles!!

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    Going to repost in alliance forum. Please refer any/all comments to that thread. Thank you

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    The post in the GWO alliance and friends has a couple revisions ive thought of over the last hour or so. Please feel free to leave your comments on that thread. I am very interested to see if anyone would like to try something like this.

    Sorry, but alcohol + gw = obsessive nature.

    This thread should be closed, for all intents and purposes. (sorry, I just wanted to say that :D)

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    I heard about the ironman deal, it sound kind of interesting.

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    The starter gear and no elites would be silly... I'd say, only that gear that you can get where you are at the moment. So, no running to Kaineng, Consulate Docks or Eye of the North. The same goes for elites.

    I'm doing something like that, except that I have reserved a storage tab for that character alone. She doesn't use the Xunlai bank. She only got armour from the area where she was at the moment, and hasn't changed professions. She does have heroes as they are required in Nightfall (her starting point).
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    apart from the no elites and blue/white weapons only thing, i did this for my paragon in nf and eotn, killed both abbadon and great destroyer before lvl 20 in start armor and no deaths, its not really hard with a paragon (prot spirit and armor boosting shouts ftw)

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