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    Some MP3's not outputting sound on Windows 7

    I just wanted to check if this problems sounds familiar to anyone. My dad has been having problems playing speciffic Mp3's. The weird thing is, when playing certain Mp3's in Winamp/Mediaplayer/Deliplayer/MediaplayerClassic, it shows spikes in the volume, so there definately is nothing wrong with the MP3 itself, it is playing. But we hear no sound. Even my PSP plays the same MP3's just fine. And in the VLC player, or by loading the MP3's in Goldwave, they also play just fine.

    So here is my question. Could this problem be Windows 7 related? He has a legal version with the latest updates. Have any of you experience this problem before? Is Windows perhaps sending the output signal to the wrong place? Or is it some how codec related? We've tried installing an MP3 codec pack, but no luck.

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    So, in VLC you do get sound?

    Media Player never was any good, anyway. You should ditch it and teach your father how VLC works ;)

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    Download and install the CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack). It has all the necessary codecs to play any audio file in Windows. The reason it works with VLC but not with any other program could be because VLC already has the codec installed for it. Let me know if it works for you.

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    Thanks for the help, but unfortunately the problem does not seem to be codec related. I installed CCCP, but the problem is still there. VLC seems to play everything just fine regardless. But both Winamp and Mediaplayer play the MP3 with no audible sound. It is as if Windows just sends the output signal the wrong way. But why would it do that with just a few MP3's, and not with all of them? Argh, this just doesn't make any sense.

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    Maybe it's got something to do with the quality? I have no idea, though. Is it because your father is used to WMP that you want to continue to use it? Or is there another reason? Because I see little use to not getting VLC or iTunes.

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    We have VLC installed, but it not a very comfortable program when handling playlists and such. It is also a bit sluggish. I've never been a big fan of Itunes either. It seems that this really isn't a problem with Winamp though. Because every other program also refuses to play the same MP3's. Mp3's that used to play just fine before. In fact, I can play the same MP3's on my PSP or on Windows Xp just fine, even if I use the same version of Winamp. So what the hell is going on? Could it be the size of the files that causes trouble?

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    use jetaudio, the basic one is already good enough to watch everything given you have to correct codec.
    download here: http://www.jetaudio.com/download/

    am using this for years, never had any trouble at all and has plenty of tools to do what needs to be done.
    if jetaudio doesn't even work then it really is ether a codec error, a virus or your driver starts to bug out.
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    I assume something is wrong with your mp3 decoder or handler.

    Possibly SIPRO codec that is very old and about to become obsolete. Were the files converted by a program by any chance?

    Your MP3 may be using MPEG handlers as well. Try http://www.gromkov.com/faq/repair/mp3_validator.html
    The above should fix ID3 errors as well.

    Mixer Settings
    Another Problem I can think of is the mixer settings. If you install additional audio software, they might mute your MP3 settings in other programs. Volume, advanced settings or individual mixer progs. You need to uninstall all other additional audio software to be sure. ReplayGain is a known culprit.

    Copy Protection
    Where did you source the MP3s? Did someone else buy it and transfer to you?

    Are you using a Sony Laptop by any chance?

    If it still doesn't work...
    The other possibility is the output.

    I suggest you read that thread and try the sample mp3 file. However, that is on XMBC.
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    Thanks, I'll give all those things a try. I already checked that it isn't the mixer. In Windows 7 all programs tend to have their own volume settings, so I made sure that wasn't muted. Regarding the codec, what I tried as an experiment, is load one of the MP3's that wasn't outputting sound in Goldwave, which is a freeware sound editing program. Goldwave was able to play the MP3 just fine. So what I did, was first save the MP3 as a WAV sample. Then load up the WAV, and recompress it as an MP3 while using a codec I knew to be working correctly. I tried playing the MP3 afterwards in Winamp.... nope, still no sound! And it can't be copy protection, because all of these MP3's used to play just fine. And besides, recoding it through an audio program should remove any copy protection imbedded in the MP3. We're not using a laptop btw.

    That last link is interesting. See, all of these MP3's seem to be really old mono recordings as well, just like on that linked page. Stuff like H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds radioplay and simular recordings. That can't be a coincidence.
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    My best guess would be the channel outputs as well. This was a problem I had in GW on Linux a while back when I would not hear all sounds in the head phones, while other sounds were perfect. Basically there is a channel output that is not recieved as input for the head phones/speakers - so would make sense that there wold be no sound yet showing as "playing" if that one channel is not "heard" by the speakers. Sounds even more likely as you mention all the silent files are mono.
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