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    Arenanet needs your help for a test!

    Just got this via the GW1 twitter, so gonna copy Stephane's post from the official GW1 support forum.

    We are continually updating our systems to make sure they are secure. Sometimes it’s a change to what information you enter, but most often it’s what happens behind the scenes after you click “Log In.” As part of our server infrastructure, we’ve recently rolled out a new security system and would like to give you the opportunity to test it. If you want to help us with this, here’s what to do:

    1. Create a shortcut icon for your Guild Wars client

    2. Right-click and go to Properties

    3. In the Target line, add the following text after file path: “/newauth”
    Note: Exclude the quotation marks and add a space between it and the previous text (see picture in attachment)

    4. Make sure you can log in to Guild Wars and do some basic things like map travel, missions, checking your storage, and making sure your character data is saved if you log out and back in again

    5. Keep playing Guild Wars by using the new system with this shortcut (if you’re not getting any problem)

    At most, you might notice a slight pause while the new system processes your log-in information. Otherwise the system should be transparent. We would like you to keep playing the game using this new system, as it’ll allow us to gather useful data over the course of a long period of time. If you experience any issues, please let us me know via a private message with your account name and a description of what you noticed.
    And the image he mentioned.

    And the direct link to the topic itself.


    Just thought I'd help spread the word, not quite sure what its supposed to be testing though

    - Tsukasa
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