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    My guardian will envy the large array of weapons warriors can choose from.
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    Arggg so many choices... my brain... it hurts... O.o

    Great Sword seems to be the boss of vulnerability which makes it tempting. the #1 chain skill now seems to apply vulnerable per hit instead of just at the end of the chain. From what I have seen in videos its easliy possible to get it stacked at least 6 times. Could be handy to combo with big damage skills like evic.

    Hammer looks best shutdown wise and has one of the best burst skills from what i have seen. Mobility is meh but who needs it when you have cripple, KD and stun.

    Maces look great for defense and some mixed conditions. The burst skill has a nice duration stun attached.

    Axes have good spike damage and multi hitting skills to rapidly build adrenaline. No shutdown to speak of though.

    Sword... bleed bleed bleed + saveage leap and hamstring makes this wep the condi pressure king imo. I'm not really sure about the OH skills. Impale looks like it should provide good spike damage, however it disables riposte. Using it right after riposte should negate some of the downsides. tbh I would be more tempted to run sword with OH warhorn or maybe a shield.

    Shields are a mixed bag. Shield bash is a closer with daze and shield stance one of the warriors few defense skills. I can see it being strong with mace in defense or maybe a sword to allow more bouncing around.

    Warhorn could be extremely useful due to Charge which removes all snares, combined with the Wars armour and savage leap etc I can see this skill making it difficult to die. Call to arms is a little less interesting but weakness and vigor will add to survivability.

    Longbow... the combo field burst skill could be handy in PvE. This set seems mediocre damage wise compared to melee weps.

    Rifle... again the damage seems mediocre compared to melee except for the burst skill kill shot.

    In PvP land which will be my primary focus... I have my eye on the following combinations.

    Sword + Warhorn
    Axe + Axe
    Mace + Shield

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    In any case, my main weapon will be the Greatsword.
    Weapon swap will mostly be Rifle I guess, but I can see myself picking up each weapon to see how it goes in various situations.
    Can't go all berserker 24/7.

    I want to make her my primary WvW character.

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    Axe+axe for main damage, and probably sword+warhorn for mobility and conditions. This is all subject to change if needed, or bored.

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    Warhorn is 100% must in WvW because you can freely swap weapons while not in combat (+ maybe micro Greatsword too).

    I'm quite confident that I will use every different weapon in PvE to keep things refreshing and to learn. And try to rofl-stomp noobs with Greatsword / Rifle / Axe while I can.
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