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    Just to clarify, I don't mean it like a sniper with great running skills, that is just irritating to fight against. I mean it as a glass cannon that needs to be close enough to do damage to be in danger itself, using evasion and illusions to stay alive rather than armor and life. Mesmers will be in the fray, but they will need to keep mobile and shut down foes to survive there.

    Like I said in the blog, a thief with longer range but lower armor, using illusions instead of dust clouds.
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    I stand corrected, Alaris. I have made corresponding correction in the mesmer post.

    I had to do some major reorganization of the Mesmer Resource Page. For now most weapons (not water-based weapons) have been updated. Please, if you see any mistakes, please point them out so I can make the Mesmer Resource Page one of the most accurate resources out there for the community.

    P.S.: Also if you want to help/collaborate on a major revamp of the Mesmer Resource Page, please let me know. Any contributions of course will be appropriately credited.

    P.P.S.: Traits have been added to the "Mesmer Resource Page". I am working on media coverage and water-based skills. If you guys see any mesmer footage please post them there so I can gather these footage under media. Meanwhile, I hope that the resource page will contribute to more healthy and informed discussions on our beloved profession :-)
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    2012-02-12: Aquatic weapons and Traits have been added to the Mesmer Resource page.
    2012-02-23: Added media Section has been updated.
    2012-02-24: Added more media
    2012-02-28: New train and attribute information added. More media added
    2012-02-29: Added skill chain for sword and scepter. Reworked Trait entry.

    P.S.: What improvements would you like to see in the MRP? Are there any errors or otherwise glaring mistakes?
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