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    Lightbulb What combos are you itching to try?

    Well, now that the CBT revealed all profession skills and traits, I am interested to get some discussion going. For the all of us arm-chair strategists (for that is all we can do until OB and release), what combos are you itching to try out? I should say that by "combos", I mean both solo and cross-profession combos.

    Let me give you an example of something I look forward to trying:

    Illusionary Leap -> Leap -> Roll backwards (and leave clone behind because I chose feigned escape) -> Your choice of shatter skill -> Mirror Images -> Decoy

    I don't know. This gets me excited. What chains (within the profession and across) can you think off?

    P.S.: If you don't know what I am talking about, you may refer to the "Mesmer Resource Page" for more information :-)
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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    I haven't studies skills yet, I prefer to wait for actual gameplay to experiment with that.

    Generally though, I look forward to swapping from long-range to short-range or melee, and back to long-range when they flee. Most of the time I will have weapons to take advantage of the full range of distances, so that ranged-only and melee-only are at a disadvantage against me.
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    Dii, TRUE

    Chaos Storm! Warrior stomping into it, arrows flying through it... Wonder if any ele spells would interact with it?

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