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    minion master gathering

    i was thing, we have a necro group on this forum but it isn't really looking like a nice family.
    so what if we did a small gathering ones GW2 is released and we found our bearings, we all take as much minions as we have and release them all.
    it's just for the heck of it, a group photo with all us necro fanatics with our minions ^_^
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    I'm down Sorudo.
    I think i've decided my first character through the game will be necromancer, and would love to play with fellow necromancers.

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    Played a necro during the stress test tonight and had a good bit of fun. As far as casters go, it's my favorite so far.

    Also, this isn't meant as an insult sorudo, but your posts fascinate me. You consistently type english with an accent.

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    I'm down for some minion fun.

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