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    I would like to join you guys in that vanq but Tuesday nights are never good for me. I generally only play on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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    Finally the Rreply box is allowing me to respond!
    I would love to do the vanquishes as well but 6:00 PM is difficult for me with getting home from work and having to get dinner started. The best time for me to play is after 8:00 PM (Eastern time)

    @Enigma - I will be on tonight to do a HM Mish in Prophs if you would like to join.

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    @bobrichmond - Thanks, I'll add it in from now on.

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    Tuesday we'll try and vanquish Dragon's Gullet. We'll have to cross Diessa Lowlands, and Flame Temple Corridor to reach Dragon's Gullet. This should be an interesting vanquish with Hydras, Charr some Abominations and Behemoths. With 116-183 monsters we should have an interesting time. If anyone wants to join us we'll start in Grendich Courthouse around 6pm est. If anyone wants to do the vanquish at 8pm est let me know, I'll stick around and do it then too.

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    It looks like we will be vanquishing Diessa Lowlands tomorrow with 342-387 monsters to vanquish. It should not be a difficult zone to vanquish, so it's possible we could move up into the Ascalon Foothills and vanquish that zone as well. We'll start around 6pm EST in Nolani Academy. Like last week, if you can't get on until later in the evening and you would like to vanquish this area, let me know. I will stick around and run it with you.

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    We'll be attempting the same area tonight as last week. I didn't have anyone to join me, so we'll try again tonight. Nolani Academy AD1 at 6pm EST.

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    I'd like to join next Tuesday if nothing IRL stops me from it ^^

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    @curvekiller - You bet you can join.

    We will be leaving out of Yaks Bend with a group of 6 (or two groups depending). We will Vq both Traveler's Vale and Ascalon Foothills. Neither zones are big, so we shouldn't have a problem doing both one right after the other. If anyone would like to join us, we will be grouping up around 6pm EDT.

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    Tuesday the 8th we will be vanquishing "Iron Horse Mine." There are between 165-202 monsters with some Snow Ettins and Frostfire Dryders, so it shouldn't be a hard one to do. We will be grouping up around 6pm EDT in Yak's Bend. If we have time afterwards maybe we can head on over to EotN and vanquish an area to get the extra bonus still going on from the 7th year anniversary.

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    Tuesday the 15th we will be vanquishing "Anvil Rock." We will all meet in "The Frost Gate" at 6pm EDT. This area shouldn't take to long, maybe an hour or so. If we have time, maybe we can vanquish the next area after. If you would like to join us, just show up or let me know you're interested and we'll wait up for you.

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