Guild: Midnight Squadron

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Guild Focus: PvE and PvP
Alignment: Light
Leaders: Oberon, Zeus, Sir Xander
Recruiting: Yes. Mature, 18+, Fun Loving Players...
Classes/Races: All
VoIP: Teamspeak (75 slots)
Members: 100+
Region: Primarily US and EU (all others welcome too)

Mission Statement:

We at Midnight Squadron intend to keep with the traditions set forth by the Heroes already gone. As we set our eyes on the future of the world of Tyria, we follow the examples of the great heroes who fulfilled the Flameseeker Prophesy. We do not claim to be mightier than the Norn, more resilient than the Humans, smarter than the Asura, more fearsome than the Charr or more enlightened than the newest of birthed Sylvari. Yet, we do claim to reach towards the greatest of these aspects.

Join us, share our experience and knowledge as we attempt to be a pillar for Tyria in these coming days. Perhaps you wish to fight as a Gladiator for all the glory that the Mists have to offer. Maybe even simply stretch to your limits in commerce. Probably, you desire to put an end to the scourge of Zhaitan and the rest of his foul kin. Perhaps you wish to accompany your ancestor as they attempt to leave you their legacy... There are no stones left uncounted and no requirements beyond activity, determination, and loyalty. Do you seek us? Then please, let it be known.

Midnight Squadron History:

Midnight Squadron (MS) was founded on November 18, 1995 by Capm and Tire for the purpose of creating an organized & experienced Descent clan.

Today, Midnight Squadron is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, gaming guilds in history. We have a long and rich history, a legacy that obliges the current and future generations. Our focus depends on the game we are devoted to, but generally it always stays the same-dedication to our Family and our Noble Ideals.

Currently present in many contemporary MMOs, we pride ourselves on our honorable principles, and a disciplined military like organization, that both allow and keep safe a family atmosphere among its members. We have a Hybrid Military-Style Command Structure that helps to maintain order but is very flexible and has been developed from the years of experience we have acquired.

Our team is based on core values such as Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Respect, Maturity, and of course, having Fun! Only through this dedication we are able to achieve excellence in gaming, and richness in relationships. We do have requirements for joining, but we offer even more in return. We offer you a legacy. An Inspiration, a Safe Refuge, and Victory in all. Would you like to be a part of such a Lineage?

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