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    Golem Bankers and Xunlai Banking build - Speculation

    Since we have recently seen a mobile banker (Does it deal damage?) offered with the pre-order versions of GW2 I am curious as to how others think about how it is/was involved with the incorruptible Canthan bankers guild which we have all used for so long for storing our things and money.

    This is more of a lore ideas bounce around than anything we can substantiate beyond our imaginations and knowledge of GW Tyria.

    Any and all ideas are welcome.


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    I thought some of them were still in Tyria?

    It wouldn't surprise me if they had a deal with some Asura to make a limited edition run of mobile golems that deactivate after 5 days..
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    The Golem Bankers are likely a part of the Arch Exchange, the successors of the Xunlai Guild (in function) in Tyria. There are some Xunlai in Tyria still, but their storage purpose in Tyria was replaced by the Arch Exchange.

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