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    Marked Souls [MkS] (NA, All Races)

    Website: www.markedsouls.com
    Territory: North America
    Voice Comm: TeamSpeak 3 (not required but helpful and encouraged even without mic)
    Races Accepted: All
    Server: Kaineng

    Who is Marked Souls?

    Marked Souls was created in 2007 as a small, friendly Guild Wars guild. We're currently focusing on Guild Wars 2. We're a PvX guild with members based in North America (US and Canada) but we are open to members in all time zones. We've always favored quality over quantity and because of that we have never been a large guild. What we do have is a group of players who get along and play well with each other.

    Who are we looking for?

    We're primarily looking for players who like running coordinated groups whether they're in a dungeon, fractal, or WvW. We look for mature players with good attitudes and the ability to "play well with others". By no means does mature refer to either age or game experience. Members range in age from late teens to the fifties and our experiences range from newcomers to veterans. Mature equals behavior and actions in Marked Souls.

    What does Marked Souls do?

    We're a PvX guild and our members have a diverse set of interests. Before the release of Guild Wars 2, our members were found in games such as: Guild Wars, SW:ToR, LoL, and even our Minecraft server.

    What can Marked Souls offer you?
    • Great friendly people and a group of players that understand the value of support and encouragement.
    • Experience and help! Members range from veteran players to enthusiastic newcomers and all in between. Most of which are ready to help with almost any aspect of the game.
    • PvE, WvW, or sPvP - it's your choice! We will have guild events for all with PvE and WvW being the most frequent.

    What does Marked Souls offer GW2 players?
    • PvE events such as dungeons, fractals, jumping puzzles, home grown events (Nekkid Runs, Scavenger Hunts, etc.)
    • WvW events
    • Helpful craft masters for all of your crafting needs

    How do you join?

    If you're interested in Marked Souls, visit our website at http://www.markedsouls.com or mail kousei.5914 in game.
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    With the Beta Weekend Events coming, look for lots of content out of Marked Souls. That'll be new gameplay videos, gameplay screenshots, and recruiting videos. If you're interested in joining in on the fun, let us know!

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    updated main post with GW2 recruitment video featuring GW1 gameplay - new recruitment video with BWE gameplay is in the works!

    speaking of, here is some BWE Marked Souls gameplay:

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    More footage on our YouTube channel and a new recruiting focus on WvW players. Don't worry if you're a PvE player. No players that fit in with our community will be turned away.

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    Recruiting WvW and PvE players!!!

    Apologies to anyone that had problems accessing our website since our last post. New website upgrades were under construction. They're done now :)

    Also, I neglected to post our YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/markedsoulsmks


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    We're now on Kaineng. Come join in the fun!

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