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    Uhh why is an elite skill a CE item?

    So is it overpowered, weak or decent? Surprised no one even made a complaint about it. Microtransaction news please...

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    Any background as to what you're talking about?

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    Well, it's not just a CE item; you can get it with the Deluxe version, as well.

    Why it's an elite skill... Elite skills don't seem to have the same POW! factor that they did in GW 1. So they probably figured they would take up that slot with it instead of a utility skill (plus, I guess, Elite makes it sound fancier). Presumably it's a skill instead of an item so that it doesn't upset the balance in PvP / WvWvW. For this same reason, I suspect it will be decently-powered.

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    It's on https://buy.guildwars2.com/ Fluffball, the summon mistfire wolf elite skill. It doesn't really sound like a kosher thing to do for me. It's like buying power and really, how many online games let you buy a whole skill. This is a first.

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    Weren't we all pretty much assuming that it'd be on par with the Fire Imp? Something for lulz early on but probably useless later? I don't think anything's confirmed yet and I certainly haven't seen what the thing can do, but it'd be really out of character to put something super useful on a DE/CE only package.

    (based on previous releases of starter weapons with max stats that don't matter later/fire imp/etc.)

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    Oh nice!!

    The elite actually sounds like the least interesting part of that update. I imagine it's more like buying options rather than buying power. Sort of like buying mercenary packs or extra storage. Nice to have, but definitely not critical or game changing.

    Edit: or what Erring said.

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    It may be "decently" powered, which would make it a normal skill. But I'm sure the graphics are what will make it elite. I loved my fire imp!

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    The fire imp didn't come along until about 3 years after the propheses had been out, and was for helping people catch up. Couldn't use it after level 20.

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    That skill could be no better than racial elite skills, and only available in PvE. So it would not give you an advantage.

    A lot of stuff in the cash shop in GW1 (like mercs, PvP unlocks) look like they give an advantage, but at best they give a headstart. I think this is what ANet is going for with the HoM, pre-purchase, etc... bonuses that won't have a lasting effect.

    I'm a bit worried about the influence etc, but again, it might just help you unlock stuff earlier and other pose no advantage.
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    It's going to be weaker than any other elite (or, possibly, on par with racial elites), and since you can only bring one at once, it's going to get out-competed in your build by better elites. Ergo, it's pretty much cosmetic only, only for showing off a pretty wolfy. It's actually better for it to be an elite than a utility, since you can pick 3 utilities. It'd be much easier to make a small summoned wolf into an advantage in some given build, even if it's weaker compared to utilities in general, than it'll be to make an underpowered elite worth taking.

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