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    A couple of ideas :: sarcasm thread

    I think 80 levels is too low, especially with a flat level curve. I believe the game would be more interesting with 81 levels.

    Also, why only 10 skills and why only 1 elite? I recommend 20 skills or at least 3 elites per bar

    And weapons? Why swap if one could just use 4 weapons. So please let us keep all 4 weapons in our bar at the same time, maybe at slots 12345 en f12345.

    Please also bring back monk so I can make a warrior monk paladin, or maybe change norn to have more monk skills, they seem noble.

    If they add Fissure of Woe in guild wars 2 I would also like to see Menzies, we were promised mezies at wintersday 2011 and we still don't have it.

    The first child we see in game should be some kind of gwen iteration, just to remind us of old times. I want to find her cape again. Now I'm thinking about it, please put back the girl's cape in stingray strand/domain of winds.

    Also runes should give runewords.

    I think if you add all of these maybe guild wars 2 will be better.

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    It would appear that you are the master of sarcasm and none should challenge you!

    /end thread


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    I have troubles following your thoughts here. Why wouldn't you be able to play a norn W/Mo/Pa in GW2? You can do anything in that game. Also, are you saying you didn't notice the Menzies quest during Winterday?

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    i hope the ridicules threads keep stacking, we all love them..........(yes you asked for it)
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    I really don't see why we have to walk everywhere. Flying mounts at level 20. Also why can't my Mesmer use 2handed hammers? I believe thats an unfair advantage for warriors and guardians to just aoe smash everything. Lastly, since you have underwater combat and Anet made aion, just give us wings at level 20 for the flying mount. then we can have aerial combat, I propose the weapons be slingshots, star wand and spear.

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